BG Ligatures for Theo Wanne Mouthpieces




These ligatures have been specially selected and curated to work extremely well with Theo Wanne mouthpieces. The models and sizes were selected for their resonance and tonal effects, as well as their sizing, which fit our mouthpieces perfectly.

BG’s DUO Ligature is their most popular model, and these were created in a special size specific to Theo Wanne slim-body Tenor and Baritone mouthpieces. The ligature only contacts the reed and mouthpiece in 4 places enabling the reed to have maximum vibration

Product Notes:

  • The Black Lacquer version gives your Theo Wanne mouthpiece a centered, colorful sound. It is slightly darker than the Gold or Silver.
  • The Gold Plated version is lively and full of overtones.
  • Includes a cap.
  • Two sizes available:
    • Soprano and Slim Alto (HR and Metal)
    • Slim Tenor and Baritone (HR and Metal)

What Size do I order?

If Your Theo Wanne Mouthpiece is: Order This Size
Soprano Any Model or Material Soprano / Slim Alto
Alto Any Metal Model Soprano / Slim Alto
Slim Hard Rubber (ie. DURGA 5, GAIA 4) Soprano / Slim Alto
Full-Size Hard Rubber (ie. NY Bros, DURGA 3 etc.) N/A
Tenor Any Metal Model Tenor / Slim Baritone
Slim Hard Rubber (ie. DURGA 5, GAIA 4, AMBIKA 4) Tenor / Slim Baritone
Full-Size Hard Rubber (ie. Slant Sig, LAKSHMI HR, SHIVA 2 HR etc.) N/A
Baritone All Tenor / Slim Baritone




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