Individual Pressure Plate

SKU: 48661682



The different pressure plates were created to allow each player to ‘dial in’ their sound, to personally match their individual style.

“Your pressure plates really work wonders. They allow for great experimentation in determining how to find my sound.” – Mike NYC

Choose from:

  • Gold:  The best balance of all worlds.  Included on Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces.
  • Vintified: Warm and dark tone, with core to the sound.
  • Titanium: Bold, pen and bright sound. Titanium has extremely resonant qualities, with harmonics and overtones.
  • Stainless Steel: Bright, industrial sound.
  • Heavy Copper: Very dark sound with a focus on the fundamental, not the harmonics.

Pressure plates fit all Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces.

“Your pressure plates really work wonders. They allow for great experimentation in determining how to find my sound.  I was previously going crazy because my cane reeds would not play.  After switching to your pressure plates my cane reeds all play with no special effort of any kind.  I am still laughing about it because I was previously so frustrated with them.  I am so excited about all the options I now have that I told my wife, “I really love this guy” (in a saxophone players kind of way).   You brought back a joy and excitement to my playing that I thought I would never have!” – Mike NYC

“The pressure plates each have their own noticeable characteristic and adds to the total possibilities within each mouthpiece.” – John C

“I’m very skeptical of anything…but your pressure plates really make a huge difference in the sound I get from my saxophone.   Up until a couple years ago I wouldn’t have even believed it. I use the titanium for R&B and contemporary work.  If I use the titanium for the straight-ahead stuff…I just blow the band away; the Vintified gets the perfect sound for my straight ahead work. Your pressure plates are really unbelievable!” – Adriaan Van Niekerk

“I am amazed at the difference your pressure plates make.  If I really need that thin, bright sound of the early sax instrumentals (like Duanne Eddy’s Rebel Rouser, etc) I now use the stainless steel plate.” – Ace Barton

“Your pressure plates are really unbelievable! They make a huge difference in the sound I get from my saxophone.” – John C

“I’ve been trying the different pressure plates for about 3-4 months now. Very interesting how they all have a different impact on the tone. I loved the Titanium one, as it produced a slightly sharper edge to my tone.”


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