Constant Improvement

Theo is always improving his product.  Just like an iPhone, which has evolved from iPhone 4, to 5, to 6, and 7.  Or how cars, computers, skis, boats, stereos, and bicycles are constantly improving. Theo has the expertise and knowledge to continually improve his products.

Standing on the shoulders of the Greats

Theo has already stood on the shoulders of the great mouthpiece manufacturers like Meyer, Otto Link, Berg Larsen, Brilhart, etc.   He understands their designs like the back of his hand and has improved them for decades for such musicians as Gerald Albright, Joshua Redman, Grover Washington Jr., Chris Potter, and Jeff Coffin, etc.   

While other companies are still trying to reproduce the classic vintage mouthpieces, Theo’s has been improving on them.   

In Theo’s worldwide clinics he receives great praise, but also helpful feedback.  If someone doesn’t prefer his product Theo finds out why to discover what further knowledge there is for him to gain, and implement, into his products.

Theo’s Life Purpose

Theo firmly believes it is his life’s purpose to design and manufacture mouthpieces that allow for unencumbered freedom of musical expression.   This is his service to musicians, and in turn, it is his wish for that unencumbered freedom of expression to help musicians uplift their audiences.    Together, creating inspired music is our service to the world!

Comments about Theo’s Innovation

“Theo Wanne is a MADMAN when it comes to creating mouthpieces that raise the ‘resonant saxophone tone’ bar! He’s, exactly, the kind of perfectionist we want making our equipment! Thanks Theo!” – Ron Holloway  (Dizzy Gillespie, Allman Brothers, Little Feat)

“Theo’s mouthpieces are a revelation! He is actively evolving the art and science of mouthpiece making and raising the bar within the industry.” – Nelson Rangell  (14 acclaimed albums)

“Theo makes meticulously crafted mouthpieces that outplay anything else out there.  He is totally dedicated to matching his brilliant musical tools to the artistry and vision of each player.” – Robert Martin  (Frank Zappa for 20 years)

“Theo is a master craftsman and creative genius. His mouthpieces have allowed me to take my music to the next level.” – Mindi Abair  (American Idol, Aerosmith)

“It is a challenge to find such incredible products in the world of saxophone! Theo’s craftsmanship affords me time to inhabit the spiritual world, where music lives. Thank you for your passion Theo!” – Dino Soldo  (Ray Charles, Lionel Richie, Leonard Cohen)

“Theo’s mouthpieces are the answer to a saxophonist’s dream; they are a home run with the bases loaded! What a wonderful innovator he is! The only mouthpieces in seven decades with EVERYTHING!” – George Young  (John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Sinatra, Madonna)

“I was having to work so hard with mouthpieces in the past, it was draining…..not anymore. This is exactly why I want to endorse your products.  I’m a happy man.” – Gerald Albright  (3 Grammy Nominations)

“Theo’s mouthpieces are WAY beyond the vintage mouthpieces.  I was playing a vintage Links for 20 years….but no more!  Theo IS the evolution of the art of mouthpiece making!” – Frank Rizzo  (WAR, Frank Sinatra, Sly and the Family Stone)

“Theo Wanne mouthpieces are like drugs to an addict. Once you’ve discovered a Theo Wanne Mouthpiece, your life is changed forever. No-one can go back to playing what worked before, it feels obsolete. You crave what’s in Theo’s next inspiration.” – Jimmy Haag (Dianna Ross, Low Rawls, Tommy Dorsey)