SHIVA IV Tenor Mouthpiece



The SHIVA IV ‘The Destroyer’ mouthpiece is TOTALLY updated…BIG! BOLD! GROWLY!!!

Redesigned from the bottom up! Now without a doubt the most gnarly mouthpiece in the Theo Wanne lineup! The SHIVA IV’s huge power and edge makes it suitable for Rock n’ Roll, R&B or any situation where dynamics, altissimo and power are key!  In-depth explanations of all the innovations are available on the Design & Innovation tab, but include:

  1. Twisted-Walls™: Flat-sidewall that ‘twists’ into the chamber.
  2. Wave-Baffle™: The long-step-baffle is formed like a wave, not flat.
  3. Theo’s proprietary “bullet” chamber: A unique ‘elongated-oval’ shape is used to transition from baffle to chamber.
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    Small-Stadium-Chamber™:  Shaped like a Football Stadium, the Small-Stadium-Chamber™ gives tremendous projection.

  5. Shark-Gill Chamber™:  The indented lines on the chamber walls create a bigger sound. Patented by Theo Wanne.
  6. Elliptical Window:   Efficiently focuses the airstream into the mouthpiece.


PLEASE NOTE:   This design is very sensitive to reed placement.  For the most lively sound, push the reed toward the very front of the tip rail (all the way to the tip of the mouthpiece).   For more resistance, or a darker sound, pull the reed back a little.


  • Great for Pop, Rock & Roll, Funk and Commercial genres.
  • Big sound with laser-beam focus.
  • Our BRIGHTEST tenor model.


  • Theo Wanne’s proprietary Shark-Gill Chamber™. Uniquely shaped long step baffle, with roll-over.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


Design & Innovation Features of the SHIVA Tenor Mouthpiece:

1. Twisted-Walls™:  We start with a flat side-wall, which mean that the inner walls (inner-sides) of the mouthpiece are vertically flat, as opposed to rounded inner side walls, like an Otto Link.   The flat side-wall was made popular by Berg Larsen and Brilhart mouthpieces in the 1940s.  The benefit to this design is it creates a very focused sound.  The SHIVA is unique though, as the flat-sidewalls extend back into the chamber in a ‘twist’, not straight like the Berg and Brilhart mouthpieces

2. Wave-Baffle™: The baffle is the interior-front of the mouthpiece that the airstream first hits.   The baffle is very important, as it is the first place the airstream hits.   To accurately form this area, we precision machine it.   It is not possible to reproduce this extremely complex SHIVA IV baffle shape by hand, it is just too complex.  The Wave-Baffle™ in the SHIVA IV is similar to a traditional step baffle, however it is formed in a wave pattern, instead of flat.  This is why it is not possible to reproduce by hand.  You will hear projection, fullness and sparkle simultaneously in the sound, due to this special shape

3. Theo’s proprietary “bullet” chamber: The term ‘bullet chamber’ has been used for years in describing Berg Larsen mouthpieces.    It is the transition of the back of the baffle into the chamber.   We used a unique ‘elongated-oval’ shape for the SHIVA, to enhance the already focused, yet full, sound.   While it looks simple, the shape is actually highly sculpted.

4. Small-Stadium-Chamber™:  The open area, under the reed, inside the mouthpiece is the chamber.  Theo’s small-stadium-chamber gets its name from its shape, which is reminiscent of a Football Stadium.  The small size gives tremendous projection, but the unique stadium shape fills out the sound, so it has an unheard of width & breadth.  Talk about a HUGE sound!

5. Shark-Gill-Chamber™:  The indented lines you see on the chamber sides is our patented Shark-Gill-Chamber™.   It works in a similar way to the Shark-Gill-Baffle™ allowing the chamber to fill with air more efficiently than a standard small chamber. Hence you get the fullness of sound and increased dynamics simultaneously.  The result is an overall bigger sound with increased dynamics.

6. Elliptical Window:   The window, the open area under the reed, is wide, and uses Theo’s proprietary elliptical shape.  This allows more air to enter into the small chamber giving fullness to the focused sound.


“These are fine mf’n mouthpieces!” – Calvin T

“I have been using The Shiva and I absolutely love it.  This is by far the most expressive piece I have on tenor. I love the clarity and ease when playing the full range of the instrument.” – Najee  (2 time Grammy Nominee, Prince, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock)

“I just stopped and said WOW – I Feel Like I’ve Come Home! The SHIVA is very aggressive and great for those screaming tenor solos.” – Mark Douthit (Elton John, Billy Joel, Lionel Ritchie, Amy grant, Vanessa Williams, Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus)

“I LOVE the Shiva…just what the doctor ordered! I Love the brightness, and the “added” surprise is how full-bodied it is! I’m a happy man.” – Gerald Albright (3 time Grammy Nominee)

“This mouthpiece generates enough force to power a machine! It is a work of beauty and brilliance. You just have to experience the personal rewards for yourself to believe it!!!” – Tim Price (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

“Da tenor shiva be killin man!” – Nelson Rangel (14 Internationally Acclaimed Albums)

“The mouthpieces are one of kind. Having tried many types of mouthpieces of the years, Theo Wanne products embody all the great qualities of a great piece; tone, projection and color.”Dwayne Dugger (Bruno Mars)

“Hands down the the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played.” – Craig Alston (Fertile Ground, Eubie Blake)

“My Shiva tenor mouthpiece is the only tenor piece I will ever need!”– Eddie Bacchus Jr. (Pieces of a Dream)

“Holy Cow!! This mouthpiece has power to blow down walls… plenty of edge without sacrificing warmth and color, this mouthpiece allowed me to play soft and sweet!” – Matt Wickam (West Coast Sax)

“I’ve been using your Shiva “Destroyer” on my tenor and I LOVE it! Last July I was playing a 2 night run with the band Dispatch at Madison Square Garden and I stopped by Sam Ash in NYC just to kill some time and play some horns. The salesman came in with that piece and told me I should try it. I played about 5 notes and I was blown away. I finally found the sound I was chasing in my head for the past few years! Im friends with Leon Silva and he speaks very highly of your mouthpieces as well. I tell all my saxophone friends to check out Theo Wanne.” – Tommy Weeks (Dispatch)

“OVER THE TOP, SPECTACULAR, A BOMB, DYNAMITE, THE BEST!!!! This is incredible, the best mouthpiece I have ever played. I’m very proud to play this masterpiece!!! It’s funny, powerful, it’s like playing with dynamite!!! Mondiale!!! All the words I could spend to describe it can’t explain it. You must try it. It’s like a Ferrari!” – Gianmaria Pagot

“OMG! The Shiva the Destroyer is a monster.  It’s warm and robust on the bottom end and sings beautifully far into the sweet altissim creating a perfect sonic balance; a true work of genius!” – Keyan Williams

“The Best Mouthpiece!!!!” – Bayu Adli Isman

“This is a killer Mouthpiece; this one is staying with me forever haha. There’s a bunch of guys jealous lol…” – Nelson Garcia

“The SHIVA Tenor Mouthpiece is my main squeeze!” – Matt Ambrose

“The range on the Shiva is very impressive. Opening  your throat allows for sonorous overtones yet when you push hard it can take all I can give it. It works flawlessly on my vintage horns which are not very mouthpiece friendly, providing ample warmth but powerful edge when you want it. Amazing!!  (BTW: I tested it on my decibel meter and got to 110 on the Silversonic. Yikes!!!!!)” – Michael Krechevsky

“It is truly criminal what you did to that mouthpiece.  Holy Moly Batman!!!” – Art Sherrod Jr.

“I swear the more I play one this mouthpieces the better it sounds I’ve truly found my Tenor voice The “Shiva” The Destroyer!!! Theo Wanne is a master at creating pieces of art OMG!!!” – Andre Cavor

“I love my Shiva….. sooooo much power and beauty!” – William Skirvin

“I use Theo’s pieces because they will perform consistently and reliably all night long.” – Brad Brewer

“I bought a hard rubber shiva tenor 8 and CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT! WOW! I have been searching for right tenor piece for years……..it’s crazy. I honestly feel that this is the one!” – Matt Lilly

“The Shiva 2 mouthpiece is a beast! Such projection that piece has.” – Andrew Custodio

“The Shiva Tenor 8 is crazy….definitely not for the timid player…….great intonation, evenness of all ranges,  and of course easy altissimo. I like the sound best when the ligature is at the furthest back position.” – Michael Marinaro

“Theo Wanne is a mouthpiece master. I use them on all of my saxes, and the Shiva 9 I use on tenor and the Durga 10 backup tenor mouthpiece I have are exceptional. They are not cheap, but, if you are serious about your sound, “cheap” won’t cut it anyway. Do yourself a favour and try them. No need to take my word for it, let them speak for themselves…and they will! – Pat Belliveau”

I have been a Rock & Roll and Blues Rock sax player beginning in the late 50’s when I performed with some of the early pioneers of rock and rockabilly as a teenager. Early in my career I had the vintage Duck Bill Bergs, Dukoff’s and Brillhart Level aire’s. Later on it was Guardala’s and a Clarence Clemon’s favorite – the Rovner Deep V. But with all the credibility of my many years wailing a tenor sax to back me up, this latest mouthpiece, SHIVA the DESTROYER from Theo Wanne tops them all. It brings back the edge, projection and brightness of the classic vintage pieces, but with his modern design and production techniques providing extra benefits – like less thinness and shrill tone in the upper register, more volume, and a much easier to play bottom end notes. The DESTROYER came along late in this rocker’s career, but I’m sure thankful it did! ” – Ace Barton (Bobby Vee, The Champs “Tequila fame”)

“I’ve been using your Shiva “Destroyer” on my tenor and I LOVE it! Last July I was playing a 2 night run with the band Dispatch at Madison Square Garden and I stopped by Sam Ash in NYC just to kill some time and play some horns. The salesman came in with that piece and told me I should try it. I played about 5 notes and I was blown away. I finally found the sound I was chasing in my head for the past few years! Im friends with Leon Silva and he speaks very highly of your mouthpieces as well. I tell all my saxophone friends to check out Theo Wanne.” – Tommy Weeks

“Ok, I drove over an hour to SamAsh Hollywood to try two Theo Wanne mouthpieces and WOW so worth the drive!!!! I own a Durga for my alto, but wanted to check out the Shiva for my tenor from the recommendation of my buddy Marty Lindemann. Man was I surprised! The tone was so good, even in the upper register and altissimo. I can really push this mouthpiece and it still stayed in tune. On ballads the sound and tone is superb. I think I finally found a winner…” – Victor Robles

“Received the shiva 8* yesterday andI am surprised how free blowing it is from low a to high ??? I have a durga 8* and jody jazz DV 7. I love, llove, luv the shiva for the Bach cello suites, believe it or not. Switching back and forth to (and from) my old mouthpiece is like an operatic baritone trading passages with a wheezy geezer. Thanks for the excellent mouthpiece to bring out the shine of my new Yanagisawa ???? Thanks again, ETW” – Edward Wright

“Awesome mouthpieces! The quality is superb, and playing them is endless pleasure from bottom to altissimo! I think about replacing some of my other mouthpieces with Theo’s!! Best results for me in combination with Legere signature cut reeds. I play a Shiva 3 on Yamaha yts82z.” – Oliver Petras

“I want to thank you for making such spectacular saxophone mouthpieces. The tenor shiva 8 is a dream come true for a Latin Artist like me. I am a reggaeton saxophonist. I am an admirer of your brand and hope in the future to acquire the mouthpieces for soprano and alto saxophone, because your brand is excellent and high quality.” – Horacio Rodriguez

“I love Theo’s mouthpieces! I find Theo’s mouthpieces to have a huge warm sound (even the Shiva which can be loud and bright) with lots of presence and enough edge to sound however you want – modern, classic, dark, bright, but always full and with warmth and core. What you get out of them just depends on your reed selection and strength and how much you lay into them when you’re playing. I’ve owned and played a lot of mouthpieces over the years, but I’ve never found anything that is as fun to play and that gives me all of the things I want in my sound with such consistency and ease. I have my eye on a few other Theo Wanne pieces that I hope to try in the near future… Kudos for great products!” – Reggie Murray

“Game Changer Mouthpiece! While at the NAMM show this past weekend I stopped by Theo’s booth to say hi & try out more of his pieces. I was handed the Shiva in gold to try. At first from reading about this mpc I thought it may be bright & abrasive but to my amazement the Shiva played with such ease & wasn’t harsh at all. 3 notes into trying the Shiva out I stopped and said “oh boy, I’m in trouble,…I’m getting this one!” I have finally found the GAME CHANGER Tenor mouthpiece. With the Shiva it is fun to practice again. The Shiva has the perfect balance of ‘buzz & sizzle’ that I love in a Sax sound! Thanks to Theo Wanne & his team for making the best & most innovative mouthpieces! Happy & honored to be a part of the fam!” – Sean McKinnon








“I’m a semi pro tenor saxophonist and I have had the opportunity to own and play a number of horns and mouthpieces over the years. A topic that I do not believe has received much attention on the forums is the compatibility of modern small to medium chamber mouthpieces and vintage (say pre 1960) tenor saxophones.   What I have is the older the horn the less compatible these modern mouthpieces are from a gurgle on notes below low C to playing a full half pitch sharp on a Conn 30M. Enter your mouthpiece Shiva. I purchased one from you a while back and have found it to play amazing well on my King S20 (300xxx), King Silversonic (400xxx), and Selmer MVI (86xxx) Also the aforementioned Conn 30M. I especially like the power I get out of my Silversonic. Altissimo is very accessible for me on the Kings and the Selmer up to C#4 (as far as I can go….hahaha) I have never been able to hit those notes on the Selmer before and not only can I hit them, the tone is very full and clean.  So let me congratulate you on a fine product. I have tried over the years with the aforementioned horns: Berg 105 M; Dave Guardala King; PNR Guardala Super King; PNR Guardala MBII; Sakshama Guardala King; RPC 130; 10MFan Robusto and Boss (9); Oleg 120; Jody Jazz (Various); Wanne Datta; Barone HR Trad Contemp (7 & 9); Dukoff 9. Now I have a drawer full of about $5,000 worth of mouthpieces I’ll never use. Ugh!!!” – Mike Krechevsky Review