Nelson Rangell

– Gil Evans, 17 Acclaimed Albums
“Theo’s mouthpieces have been a revelation!”


Theo’s mouthpieces have been a revelation! The craftsmanship is at the highest level, his insights are comprehensive and clear. All of his pieces will be great aids in helping advance a player’s expressiveness and voice.Theo is actively and sensitively evolving the art and science of mouthpiece making and raising the bar within the industry. And, the GAIA 2 Alto is the atomic %^&* Meyer.


Jazziz magazine writes that Nelson Rangell is ‘an artist of depth, a master of song, and an improviser non pareil.’ The Times of London notes ‘his extraordinary facility on a range of instruments and his undoubted virtuosity,’ adding that Nelson is ‘one of fusion’s most accomplished exponents.’ Saxophone Journal writes ‘He commands the alto saxophone with such authority there can be no denying that Rangell is a true artist,’. Such praise is a confirmation of what contemporary jazz fans have known since the Denver based saxophonist emerged in the late 80s: that Rangell is one of the most exciting and diverse performers in the genre, equally adept at soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone, as well as being a genuine virtuoso on flute and piccolo.Rangell is the fourth child in a musical family. He first played flute at the age of 15. Within six months he was studying both classical and jazz music at The Interlochen Arts Academy, a national camp for gifted music students. He went on to attend The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. As a student he twice won Down Beat Magazine’s prestigious National Student Recording Awards competition both as best jazz and best pop/rock instrumental soloist. The next four years were spent playing alongside some of the world’s greatest contemporary jazz musicians including Hiram Bullock, Jorge Dalto, Eric Gale, Richard Tee, Jaco Pastorius, David Sanborn and many others. He also found occasional employment with the legendary Gil Evans Monday Night Orchestra. Rangell’s 1987 debut album was released on Gaia/Gramavision Records. A succession of albums followed at GRP. Nelson has now released 15 CDs. His stated ambition: ‘to grow and evolve as a player and artist while making music that people can easily relate to in a form that is substantive.’
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Red – 2015

Blue – 2015


Q:How do you describe it when your music is working perfectly?
A:It’s all about being a conduit to something greater than yourself.


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Nelson Rangell