Bob Carpenter
Bothell, WA
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Veteran mouthpiece technician, Bob Carpenter, has been repairing and refacing mouthpieces for over 15 years. Bob is also the mentor to Theo Wanne and is the one who taught him the trade. It is only because of Bob’s skill and kindness that Theo was able to accomplish what he has done in the mouthpiece world. Bob has provided mouthpieces for a major portion of the professional sax players in the Northwest as well as professionals from around the world.

  • Bob measures facing curves in 12 places instead of the usual 5 or 6.
  • He makes the table flat at the curve take-off point to provide a positive reed seal.
  • Bob makes the facing length and curve match the desired tip opening for the best response and playability.
  • Bob can create substantial changes in the sound and response by working with the shape and length of the facing curve as well as baffles, chamber reshaping, wedges, etc.
  • Bob’s workmanship looks professional to match that of the top vintage manufacturers.

Bob is seeking to limit refacing work but will continue to reface original or nearly original mouthpieces. He also maintains a few custom mouthpieces for sale. Bob works by appointment only and can be reached at: (425) 486-8362.


4742 Liberty Road South #168
Salem Oregon 97302
(503) 949-6914

Phil Engleman is the owner of Phil-Tone Custom Woodwinds. For a decade he has provided refacing and custom chamber work on both hard rubber and metal mouthpieces to customers across the globe. Phil utilizes flat tables and measures multiple areas across the facing. He frequently tells customers that this work can be done adequately by many mouthpiece technicians. Where Phil’s work really shines, and why his customers return to him year after year, is his ability to work to intuitively balance a piece musically as well as mathematically. Numbers alone are simply not enough. Experience combined with careful play testing is critical to releasing the potential of each piece. In addition to care and precision, Phil is dedicated to providing excellent turnaround and unparalleled customer service. Phil also sells his own line of hand crafted mouthpieces and has collaborated with Theo Wanne on the creating of the Mosaic and the Tribute tenor mouthpieces. He can be contacted through his website at www.Phil-Tone.com


3233 Heights Dr.
Bellingham WA 98226
(360) 224-8800

In Dave Tondi’s own words, “I’m in the business of sound, one note at a time! It all started years ago when Theo Wanne refaced a mouthpiece for me – it was like ‘butter’. Theo graciously took me under his wing and trained me in the art refacing – and quit an amazing art it is.” “I enjoy doing all facets of mouthpiece work including: customizing baffles, chambers and exterior ergonomics; mouthpiece shank and tip repair; as well as general refacing. My commitment to customer satisfaction and my passion for the perfectly crafted mouthpieces keeps me in the business of sound, one note at a time.” Dave prefers to consult with his customers before they send in work, so he knows how to best meet their needs.


Erik Greiffenhagen
521 W. Home Road, Springfield, OH 45504
erikgmouthpieceguy@yahoo.com, (937) 631-5769Brian Powell
5 Rita Street, Dayton, OH 45404
mouthpieceguybrian@yahoo.com; (937) 271-8291www.mouthpieceguys.com

Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen have over three decades combined experience in hand-crafting, facing, and finishing woodwind mouthpieces. They are in the unique position of having extensively worked and studied with the legendary Ralph Morgan as well as other master craftsmen and designers. “Two Heads are Better than One!” Brian and Erik frequently confer and collaborate on mouthpieces posing a particular challenge or that require an innovative solution. Their prices are very affordable and their turnaround time, on most jobs, is very fast. You can rely on the ‘The Mouthpiece Guys’ for prompt and honest communication, and reliable service!


Behn Mouthpieces International
P.O. Box 2650, 103 Noland Court, Lyons CO 80540
Home 303-823-2410
Cell 801-867-4335
Fax 212-457-6124

Bradford Behn has been refacing mouthpieces since 1992. He enlists a logical series of steps to give the customer exactly what is desired while removing the least amount of material. Behn’s work is impressively rendered as he makes the extra effort to finish his work beautifully.

He also makes mouthpieces from blanks and his own proprietary rod rubber which is an exact replica of the 1930’s Chedeville hard rod rubber. To have a mouthpiece refaced or customized please schedule an appointment (in person or over the phone) for a personal interview so he can best meet your unique set of requirements.



After the death of Adam’s friend Jon Van Wie (an expert saxophone mouthpiece refacer and technician) in April of 2003 Adam started an apprenticeship with Jon’s Teacher Ted Klum. Fast forward to the present and Adam is always busy refacing mouthpieces for clients from all over the world.

Adam Niewood is a musician (tenor & soprano saxophone), composer, and mouthpiece craftsman who was brought up in a musical household in New Jersey. He has formally studied at Berkley College of Music, William Paterson University, The Juilliard School, and Manhattan School of music, were he earned a Masters degree in May of 2005. Aside from Adam’s own project “The Rabble Rousers,” you can hear Adam as a sideman with Bill Goodwin’s different bands, Grupa Janke Randalu, Nathan Peck’s The Voip, Scott Reeves Band, Id Trio, Matt Brewer, Bill Charlap, Jim McNeely, Rufus Reid, Warren Vache, Vic Juris, Steve Gilmore, Gene Bertoncini, Jeff Tain Watts, Lage Lunde, Aaron Parks, Henry Hey, Tyshawn Sorey, etc.

Contact Information:
Adam prefers to be contacted via email for mouthpiece refacing work. Please email Adam for the current wait-time. In-person consultation at his studio is by appointment only and can be set up through email; please include “Mouthpiece refacing” or “schedule an appointment” in the subject-heading of your email.


34 Dew Street, Runcorn 4113, Queensland, Australia
Email: gabi_vatavu@hotmail.com
Mob: (61) 0432 260 989

Gabriel executes the facing curves on his mouthpieces, following computer generated specs. He uses both radial and elliptical curves on his mouthpieces and executes the facings with extreme accuracy. This purely mathematical and technical aspect of refacing gets then combined with the art of executing different baffle shapes, achieving this way the particular sound that the customer desires. His mouthpieces are responsive and even but also with “loads of character”.


3540 Lemon Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: 562.424.4958
Toll Free: 800.449.8975
Fax: 562.424.4958

I work on any mouthpiece you want to bring me, or send me. My experience comes from study with master mouthpiece makers and 45 years as a full time professional musician, performing in the classical, jazz, theater, chamber music, opera, rock, and motion picture music genres.

I also have a line of my own signature mouthpieces that at this time (2012) include clarinet, alto sax, and tenor sax mouthpieces. They are of different styles and from different suppliers of blanks/shells. All my signature mouthpieces are voiced 3 times, or until I like the mouthpiece, no matter what the style or opening I am seeking.

My CD’s are available for sale or perusal at www.MikeVaccaro.Com for those that are interested. If you go towww.saxandclarinetmouthpieces.com you can sign up for a rather irregular email broadcast that discusses mouthpieces, reeds, and ligatures and how they interact. Try one, I think you will like it, or I will make it so you do.


Professor Anton Weidberg
Email: anton@antonweinberg.com
Website: http://www.antonweinberg.com/home.htm
Mobile: – +44 (0) 7951 706687

I offer consultations in interpretation, performance psychology, technique, instrument and mouthpiece design, intonation, methods of practice.  International clients sessions can be conducted over skype or ichat.

Screename: antonweinberg

Paypal payments should be sent to:-anton.weinberg@btinternet.com


San Francisco Area

Michael Manning, owner of Manning Custom Woodwinds, has 25 years of experience refacing clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. Manning Custom Woodwinds has been the leading woodwind service center in New York City for over 10 years and serves customers all over the world. Manning’s clients have included Paquito D’Rivera, Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Pharoah Sanders, James Carter and the late Michael Brecker, to name a few.

Michael defies convention by focusing on each player’s emotional response to their equipment. Every artist has a different expectation for how a mouthpiece should feel. Michael works to understand and meet this expectation, instead of trying to find one “perfect” solution.


933 w. Heritage Ct. #101
Mequon, WI 53092

Emil Anello began working with mouthpieces over three decades ago and is a veteran tool designer of 35 years of the Square-D Company. Appreciating the importance of precision and accuracy Emil eventually launched his own product line of mouthpieces that is both popular and affordable and utilizes the most popular facings. Emil has refaced thousands of mouthpieces and sold even more. Although Anello Mouthpieces remains a small business, Emil continues to give each musician the personalized attention they desire.

Emil states: “My son (Mike) is now helping me with the business. After all, I’m now in my 87th year and I’m not sure how long I will be able to continue the service. However, I will do it as long as I can. I enjoy keeping myself busy”.


SopranoPlanet –  Only Mouthpieces for Soprano Saxophone

I’ve come to mouthpiece work after 30+ years as a dedicated soprano player.

After playing the same horn and mouthpiece for 26 of those years, something changed in the way I was hearing the music, so I began a journey to find the right horn and the right mouthpiece.

It took 5 years, 25 horns and about 20 mouthpieces. In the end, I found the horn and made the mouthpiece myself. Along the journey, I was helped by a number of fine mouthpiece refacers and manufacturers, but the stock pieces were never right and the refacers were , for all their skills with tenor and alto pieces, not soprano players and didn’t exactly understand things “soprano”.

And, I had one real epiphany in 2004: I got to spend a lot of time with the most famous soprano mouthpiece perhaps of all time: Steve Lacy’s Otto Link 12. That changed everything I thought I knew about soprano mouthpieces.

The end result, 5 years later, is that I make soprano pieces that really play. Regardless of the character of the piece, whether small or large chambered, bright or dark, they are all instantly responsive from bottom to top. I play test them all extensively on multiple horns, because the match of piece to horn is critical. After a long search for the right horn, I’ve come to understand a lot about a lot of different soprano saxophones.

I never intended to be offering these pieces and services, but I’ve come to love it. My motto is “Nobody should have to play a piece that doesn’t work for them”.



Ramon Wodkowski began to explore clarinet mouthpiece design whilst a Masters student at the Yale University School of Music, and studied mouthpiece crafting with James Kanter and Everet Matson.

A professional clarinet player himself, Ramon understands what players need from a mouthpiece, and his in-depth knowledge and experience of both the American and British clarinet traditions gives him the versatility to customize each mouthpiece to suit its owner’s individual playing style. Ramon is now an internationally recognized mouthpiece specialist, and his clients include some of the world’s leading soloists, orchestral musicians and teachers.

A leading authority on mouthpiece history, acoustics and design, Ramon has been invited to present lectures at institutions including Yale University, Manhattan School of Music, Northwestern University, Rice University, Michigan State University and New York University.


Eimsbütteler Chaussee 46, twenty thousand two hundred and fifty-nine Hamburg

Tel: 040 – 439 15 00 Fax: 040-432 27 52 www.tittmann.de info@tittmann.dewww.tittmann.de/kontakt.html
English Page

If you have questions about our products or our service offerings, we are happy to assist you. You can send us an e-mail or send us by phone 040-439 15 00 during business hours.


(347) 279-9786

Sakshama – Slobodan Koloski offers refacing services and hand-made mouthpieces. His prices are competitive and he prefers email contacts at sakshama1@gmail.com. You can reach him also on the phone (347) 279-9786.



Vytas Krass is recognized as the maker of the most carefully handcrafted artist-level clarinet mouthpieces in the world. The same attention to superb quality is given to his line of saxophone mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are true work of art, created for the true artist.


Keith Bradbury (aka Mojobari)
2925 Crane St.
Vineland, NJ 08361
yahoo.com group MouthpieceWork

Mojo offers hand finishing, repairs and refacing of all types of single reed mouthpieces. His web site is unique in that it shows step-by-step progress photos of several mouthpiece refacing jobs.

Sax and Clarinet Mouthpiece Work Website/Forum This is a Yahoo Group site started by Keith Bradbury in 2002. The group is dedicated to sharing information on woodwind mouthpiece making, repair and refacing. Experiences with tools, techniques, materials, successes, and failures are gathered at this location for future reference. There are also extensive links to other mouthpiece related web sites.

Mojo asks that customers include a note when sending in their mouthpiece. He accepts email and Paypal to MojoMouthpieceWork@yahoo.com.