We asked our endorsers what their experience was when they felt connected to their music, here is what they said:

What is your experience when you feel connected to the music?

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45 Responses

  1. Theo Wanne

    It’s as if the music plays itself, telling me what to do….or not to do. The music comes from someplace bigger than me, and I get to take a ride with it. Feels like Grace!

  2. Chris Potter

    I surrender all preconceived ideas to allow the most beautiful sound to show up. There’s the feeling that the music is playing itself through me.

  3. Gerald Albright

    When I mirror every idea exactly how it I know it was meant to be in the moment, and the audience is moved by the same connection to the music, it’s total harmony.

  4. Mindi Abair

    I’m giving a piece of myself away every time I play. Music is all about giving and connecting with people.

  5. Kyle Turner

    When I play I am locked into the creative process. There is nothing like that feeling when you are totally free on the creative tip and you allow God to come through you to make music that touches people regardless of what they might have going on with them. That is one of the best feelings ever!

  6. Harry Allen

    I feel totally immersed in the music. From the beginning to the end of a performance one hundred percent of my being is dedicated to making the music work.

  7. Adrian Cunningham

    When it’s all feeling good and the band is cooking there’s nothing else like it.

  8. Alex Milstead

    I feel like I’m a part of something powerful. It’s a kind of swagger, I guess. It’s like I’m controlled by a very basic human emotion in the core of all of us, as if being used by a higher power.

  9. Brad Brewer

    When the music moves me, I get lost in a euphoric feeling where nothing matters- temperature, crowd numbers, sweat, the time, the rent, etc!

  10. Brad Rambur

    It’s almost like there is no saxophone, there is no mouthpiece, there is no reed, I’m just saying what I need to say.

  11. Col. Loughnan

    The instrument feels like an extension of yourself, just like another arm or leg, the ideas flow out, and you just become absorbed in the music.

  12. Bryan Vance

    There is nothing quite like the feeling of music flowing through you without any restrictions or worries. When it’s really ‘working’, it’s almost like an out of body experience, as though no thought or movement is necessary…it just works!

    Theo Wanne mouthpieces have helped me achieve this, by removing any fear that my mouthpiece is going to hinder that flow!!

  13. Ulises Bella

    When I perform to an audience it is all about the connection… joy,ecstasy,elation,and spreading love through music is the glue to this connection.

  14. Tony Lakatos

    Music gives me a sense of freedom. I feel like I am in a different dimension, maybe in the world of the Gods.

  15. Tim Price

    My driving force is to create music that is meaningful, passionate and melodic. I’m at home
    in my musical zone.

  16. Terry Harrington

    I have a powerful feeling of well being, doing exactly what God intended for me to do.

  17. Skip Spratt

    I feel an adrenaline rush when we are all playing in the pocket, feeling each other.

  18. Elan Trotman

    There’s no better feeling than to connect with your audience, to make them smile, and uplift them.

  19. Greg Abate

    All thoughts go away, I am peaceful in my head, and the music comes from within from a higher power.

  20. J Saxx (John Watkins)

    My music doesn’t come from me. It’s from our heavenly father!

  21. Jack Prybylski

    It is a time of total serenity, peace and calm.  I know this is who I am, and that sharing my musical gifts with others is my purpose.

  22. Joerg Kaufman

    I’m just playing music, nothing else! I don’t think about licks, changes, technical things or ‘playing right’ or not.. It just flows and I feel deeply connected to the band.

  23. Keith McKelley

    I feel connected to something bigger than myself and I know it. Everything I’m dealing with strangely becomes so clear.

  24. Keyan Williams

    I feel in harmony and like I’m doing what I was put here to do.

  25. Ron Holloway

    I get in touch with an inner peace that I can only describe as my own personal Nirvana! There is nothing like it!

  26. KOH Mr. Saxman

    Music is the only thing I love to do and feel; its everything.

  27. Rick Keller

    I feel sensations that are spiritual and uplifting. There are no limits with the band, the audience and the universe.

  28. Nelson Rangell

    It’s all about being a conduit to something greater than yourself.

  29. Mike Macarthur

    Passion, love and excitement take over.  It becomes all about feeling instead of thinking.

  30. Michael J. Parlett

    I feel an all encompassing sense of abandon to the melodies, harmony and rhythm in an almost meditative state

  31. Matthias Anton

    I am know I’m doing the right thing at the right place on the right time! Everything feels right. I am full of inspiration, harmony and love. For those kinds of moments i really love being a musician. And i thank god for the chance to be that.

  32. Alan Hardwick

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It was all I could say to the kid behind the counter after trying more than 20 different mouthpieces and finally giving up, not really sure what I was looking for. As I packed up, kid walks over all nonchalant like with a Theo Wanne. “Hey, thought you otta try this one before you take off.” He didn’t even tell me what it was. BAM.
    Night. And. Day. There was no question: from the very first second of the first note, I knew I had finally found what I didn’t know I was looking for. I’ve never had an experience like this. And I can’t wait to bring it to the world. Theo, hats off, brother. You really did it.

  33. Ricardo Osborne

    I wish your mouthpieces were around 30 years ago. Would have saved me a small fortune. Shiva 2 Hard Rubber is all my favourite mouthpieces rolled into one. Glad you came over to Glasgow.

  34. Erwin

    When I feel connected I finally stop thinking, I loose all that is withholding me from flowing on the music. The music takes control over everything, musicians and audience, and makes us ride one powerful ocean-wave of pure love

  35. Wayne Land

    Music is the perfect language of emotion, not restricted in it’s expression as is the spoken word. So when everything is working as it should, including your mind, your body, your reed, mouthpiece and instrument, all other matters are dispensed with. You are flying free and unencumbered through a universe of sound knowing that everyone in the room is there with you, hearing what you are expressing and being lifted away from their own cares and concerns. There is nothing in the world like it.

  36. Malcolm Hunter

    After I recently decided to change my tenor sax mouthpiece from an Otto Link to a Theo Wanne Ambika 2, at my first gig playing with it, I experienced to an even greater degree that feeling, according to the movie “Chariots of Fire,” that 1924 Olympian and missionary Eric Liddell said he felt when he ran: God’s pleasure!!

  37. Larry P. Rauson Jr

    I got my first Gaia over a year ago and it caused a crisis for me. It opened up so much more room for expression than I knew my Yanagisawa Elimona Soprano was capable of. Unfortunately at the time I only had one soprano and was more than happy with my current setup. I did not want to be in experimental mode with this horn, so I bought a curvy specifically for the Gaia, and my God what an incendiary combination. I also have a Gaia for alto which caused the same problem. I have a strong preference for Conns. I just bought another. I’ll be playing a Durga on this one. I can’t wait. Every horn I have has a Wanne mouthpiece. I particularly think the Gaias are masterpieces. I can’t think of one, I certainly have not played one better…ever. We’ll see if Durga changes my mind.

  38. Nirvana West

    A library of memories start to play, I am awake, a plethora of positive energy fills the space, I dream of the future.

  39. Kostas Kirkizotis

    It feels like moving all of my good energy outwards. No scales, no theory matters at that time. It’s like converting my feelings into sound.
    Everytime I get a stupid grin after playing, but I feel like I have accomplished at least something. Afterwards it feels like there is no power left in me, but am looking forward to the next gig!!
    Today I play on all my horns on Gaia Mouthpieces, thank you all for making this happen. It is a great help for my performance not to struggle with the mouthpiece!
    Excellent work! Thank you Theo!

  40. William Bua

    Jazz music is a conversation. It’s Call and response as well as pure expression in true improvised New Orleans music. The music is the wave, you’re the surfer and the horn is the surfboard. We are all trying to catch that perfect wave every night.

    When it comes to my board, I am just looking to keep the impedance down. I don’t want to think about my gear and I don’t want it to interfere with the process. I want it to perform like a locked in bass player where you just know it’s going to be in the pocket and it leaves me free to do my thing. The Shiva 9 on my soprano does just that.

  41. Dominick Minni

    I have recently acquired a NY Bros. 2 Alto mouthpiece (tip opening 5) from Theo Wann. I’ve been playing for 50 years and have played on dozens of alto mouthpieces and I am very impressed by this mouthpiece. Here’s why:

    1. Clear tone throughout the range of the horn w/out too much brightness.
    2. A warm tone, rich in overtones is possible making this mouthpiece useful in concert situations as well as big band or straight ahead jazz playing.
    3. Ease of articulation and outstanding intonation is possible.
    4. The top tones on the horn don’t thin out on this mouthpiece but actually play as fully as the rest of the horn.
    5. This mouthpiece is reed friendly. Every reed that I put on it, even older, well played reeds, play easily.
    6. There seems to be just enough resistance to to make dynamic variations as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

    Dominick Minni, musician, educator. Philadelphia, PA

  42. Dr. SaxLove

    When I’m connected, I’m out of the way. I’m in my ears, not my brain. The music, for which I am but a conduit, flows through me. When in this flow, I can observe (but not think) about the music coming through me. If I think about it the flow is interrupted.

    As an artist, it’s the most amazing and awesome experience that I have.