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Reed Replacer Cap

SKU: 48659462




“Your reed replacer cap is brilliant! I have been keeping an old reed on my pieces for years, but your cap serves a dual purpose – I hope you sell a million of them! The amount of mouthpieces that one innovation of yours will save boggles the mind. Years ago, when I was playing a club here in Seattle, my handmade Guardala Studio slipped out of my grasp while getting it out of the case and hit a tile floor. With your cap it would’ve been undamaged. I am reminded of that incident every time I get my horn out. Your cap gives me a bit of peace!!!” – Jon G.

“The Reed Replacer Cap is amazing! It protects my mouthpiece better than any other cap I have ever seen.”

“Your reed replacer cap is pure Genius! It serves a dual purpose, as I no longer have to put an old reed on my pieces anymore either.”


The Theo Wanne Reed Replacer Cap is held to the mouthpiece by the ligature itself. A portion of the cap extends under the ligature just like a reed would.

Designed by Theo after hundreds of musicians asked him to fix their mouthpieces after they were damaged by dropping them…with the cap still on.

Your mouthpiece is worth the protection afforded by the Reed Replacer Cap.  The cap will not fall off, and it will protect the most delicate part of the mouthpiece (the tip) even if you drop the mouthpiece right on the tip itself.      There is no better way to protect your mouthpiece!


Additional information

Weight .05 lbs

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone


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