We got tired of thin sounding sopranos…so made the MANTRA!

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The NEW 2020 MANTRA 2 soprano saxophone is the most advanced soprano available. The MANTRA sounds full, fat and robust, more like the alto and tenor saxophones.   It has incredible altissimo, and integrates many new innovations.  The legendary Courtney Pine, among many others, have switched to the MANTRA.

“The MANTRA is a new chapter in Soprano Saxophone History. You must try the new Theo Wanne Mantra soprano, it will take your playing to another higher level. I effortlessly get a full five octaves.” – Courtney Pine (Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE))

The MANTRA soprano’s innovations include new ergonomics, ‘boundary-layer-effect’ (similar to a shark’s skin which allows it to glide better through water), Theo’s angled three-ring-strap-hook, improved bore design, advanced key adjustments. The result? The warmest, fattest, and more beautiful sounding soprano ever made!  It includes many other features we keep secret, however, the effects will definitely be heard when you play the horn!

The MANTRA comes in three styles:

  1. Straight – The classic straight soprano.  Big full and clear sound.  Comes in Platinum or Vintified finishes.
  2. Curved – A bit brighter and livelier. Big super clean sound that is easy to hear as the bell points upwards. Comes in vintified finish with gold lacquer keys only.

The MANTRA does not come with a mouthpiece so you can choose what is right for you.   We recommend the following:

Theo must have used Elven Magic to make the MANTRA soprano, I don’t know any other way he could make something this good!” – Adrian Crutchfield (Prince, Lionel Ritchie, Four Play, Young Jeezy)

“The MANTRA soprano is the best soprano I have ever played! I can play stuff on it I’ve never been able to play before in my life! Amazing!” –  Craig Alston (Fertile Ground, Eubie Blake)

“Best soprano saxophone today! Innovative, deep and a joy to play and create with- inspiring saxophone with unlimited potential.” – Tim Price (Aretha Franklin, Bob Weir, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

“The MANTRA soprano is out of the world! I don’t want to put it down! It’s a must have!” – Rod Williams (Kyle Turner, Joey Sommerville, Bob Baldwin, Althea Rene)

“The Theo Wanne™ Mantra soprano saxophone is the most innovative saxophone that I have played…it’s truly great!  I am so impressed with Mantra soprano I believe it to be a new chapter in Soprano saxophone history…A stunning instrument I can’t stop playing her!” – Courtney Pine (O.B.E & C.B.E)

“Usually battle fatigue creeps in and all the bad things about woodwind performance appears poor lung control, lack of intonation, poor choice of notes general degradation of sound/tone and ideas. With your saxophone this did not happen Even the second encore was a dream to play. The Mantra more than made the grade, it really is a breakthrough.If you are interested in the soprano saxophone you must try the new Theo Wanne Mantra soprano, it will take your playing to another higher level.” – Courtney Pine (O.B.E & C.B.E)

“The MANTRA soprano is simply, but complexly, Amazing!” – Joshua BigSaxy Branin



“Theo, you have taken the joy of saxophone playing to another level with the MANTRA soprano! I have never played a horn that plays so warm, projects so well, is a dream to play in all registers, has impeccable intonation and sound that is so inspiring.

I have a 5 octave range on the soprano and have always struggled to find the link between D5 and the octave above, but now it is all there. My 16 year old daughter who plays the violin sat next to me this morning and told me, “that one sounds better dad.” CONGRATULATIONS!”   READ MORE

– Professor Courtney Pine (Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)) 



MANTRA Soprano Review by Sopranoplanet: Theo Wanne’s one piece, straight Mantra soprano saxophone that arrived at my house is pure pleasure. The sound, the feel and the exquisite set-up make it somewhat unique among the more than 30 soprano saxes I have owned in the last 8 years (don’t ask) and the 80 others I have played. Besides the good looks (matte silver with that “grey” modern look), the comfortable key work and the lean, clean build quality, the Mantra just jumped with sound when I put my Open Sky mouthpiece on it. I could go from a quiet subtone to a singing altissimo in a flash, with ease and control. This horn can play. The sound is big but centered, not spread. There is a solid, firm core, which I like. It’s a sound that I can depend on, and that means I can let my voice come through regardless of where I am on the horn or what dynamic level I am at. For me, that is maybe the single most important quality of a good soprano sax. What struck me most, though, is that this soprano had a feel and response that brought together two of my personal favorite vintage sopranos: my Couf Superba 1 and my Yanagisawa S800. The Mantra has the depth of the bigger-bore Yani but it also has the richness and focus of the Superba. I don’t know of another modern soprano being made with that feel. I do know that the setup on this Mantra, with the “star” resonators and ‘roo pads, is worth half the price of the horn all by itself. I’m not kidding or exaggerating. I’ve always known Theo to be correct in everything he does. Well, he’s “correct” on this Mantra soprano, no surprise to me. It may not be the horn for everyone, but then again…. I suggest that folks play one and decide for themselves. You can play a lot of sopranos but I really don’t know of another modern horn that feels and plays like this one. The Mantra really has made a special place for itself in my thinking about soprano saxophones. I’ve got 9 sopranos right now and the Mantra has immediately taken a place on a stand alongside those 2 vintage horns. The rest are in their cases. – Joe Giardullo, Sopranoplanet