Yoga means ‘a path to the divine’.
Music Yoga means ‘a path to the divine through music’

Music Yoga is a non-religious term used to describe the inner experience we have while playing music. It has also been called ‘being in the zone, or ‘in the pocket’.

When a musician plays from the zone (their inspired place inside) they elevate the listener to that place too.  

This is why being a musician is a service, and why music is such a powerful part of peoples’ lives.  Here is a story by Theo Wanne when he first realized this.

We make history’s finest mouthpieces so musicians can most easily express themselves.  Our customers’ excitement is what inspires us.

It is our hope that the passion we put into our products, helps musicians express themselves, and in turn, uplifts their audiences as well!

“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable!” – Ludwig van Beethoven