Liberty Ligature for Theo Wanne™ Metal Mouthpiece

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The Liberty ligature touches the mouthpiece body only on two very small points allowing for freedom of vibration.

The ligature is held securely, and doesn’t move, unless you want it to!  To move the ligature use a Theo Wanne™ hex key. Move the ligature forward for a tighter more controlled sound, or backwards for a more spread sound.

The Liberty ligature fits all Theo Wanne metal saxophone mouthpieces (Soprano – Baritone, where mounting holes are present), and comes in three finishes:

  1. Gold:  Good color in the sound!
  2. Nickel: Brighter sound!
  3. Vintified: Darker sound!

“This ligature is genius.  You can set your perfect ligature position, and forget about it.  It will always be right where you want it.  Plus….it just sounds amazing!”