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Saxophone Resources

Music Playground for Kids: The History of Jazz Music

Wonderful resource site for Jazz lovers of all ages and levels!   Thank you Amelia and the Jazz Music History Class of Tracy Edwards for this link:)

A Guide to Business in the Music Industry

The music industry as a whole includes a wide variety of roles, some creative and others more business-oriented. Discover the multi-faceted jobs available in the music industry here.

Jazz Bari Sax

Chaloff to Mulligan…And All Points Between…and beyond!


Is a site open to self-publishers of jazz books, jazz education material, jazz lessons, CD’s & DVD’s, and creators of original jazz gifts and products, as a venue for exhibiting their merchandise and links to their personal websites…for free.!


The networking site for the entire jazz community!

Sax on the Web (SOTW)

All things Saxophone.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Museum

With more than 1100 pictures of mouthpieces, the Mouthpiece Museum is the most comprehensive project to document saxophone mouthpieces.


The German Saxblog


The Saxophone Shed was opened out of an interest in playing and teaching the sax and sharing information with all who surf on in.



Stars & Cats

Helping students and parents find the right music teacher at no cost! Music & cats also helps teachers and schools find new, long term students. This is a free service for students.

The Jazz Project 

The Jazz Project is a 501c3 non-profit jazz support organization dedicated to increasing performance opportunities for local, regional, national, and international jazz musicians.


Carolyn McCarthy
Stellar writer, actor and singer.

Chasson Guitars
I build with precision that comes from over 25 years of woodworking experience. My instruments are built with quality and attention to detail that comes from a genuine dedication to the craft.

Enlighted Designs
The source for custom lighted clothing, costumes, and accessories.

Teach Town
TeachTown: Basics is a new evidence-based treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders.