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– Saxx in the City
“Theo’s Durga makes me sound how I am supposed to sound!”


Theo’s Durga makes me sound how I am supposed to sound!


Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tommy Pratomo grew up in a neighborhood in South Jakarta. He loves to sing at such early age and after bought his very first saxophone in 2008, his love for music escalated considerably. After college, he began to master his talent by working extensively both in the music studio and on the stage with highly sought award-winning artists such as Raisa, Marcell, Hivi, Kunto Aji, Barry Likumahuwa, Matthew Sayerz, Andhika Triyadi, Soulvibe, BaraSuara, Gruvi, Radhini, Renita, the Overtunes and much more. He feels a deep connection with Pop, Rock, R&B, and Soul; those genres make him thrive when playing these genres on his musical journey. But his love for those genres doesn’t confine him to play other genres proved by his numerous appearances in clubs and music festivals that performed wide range of musical genres. Tommy Pratomo also took part in the renowned “MLD Jazz in Town” tours” and “Tour Taifun” which collaborated with Pop & Rock stars. He also branched out to performances on TV, TV commercials, & movie scorings on his daily musical journey. He appeared on numerous shows on local Indonesian television stations such as “Music Everywhere”, ” The Comment”, “Comedy Night Live”, and many more. His passion for music also brought him to several prestigious awards and nominees. His music got nominee in 5 categories at Indonesian AMI Awards 2016. Besides that, he was a Gold Medallist in World Champion of Folklore “World Folk 2018” and was featured as New Jazz Impressions on YouTube Music USA Profile 2021. Tommy Pratomo solidified his musical journey by recording and releasing his first album entitled “TND” in 2015. In this album, people can hear how he exquisitely blends a smooth jazz feel with some raw and rough sound, his signature sound. This album hit the No. 1 iTunes Month Jazz Chart back in 2015. His signature sound is one of his strong features that makes him featured in concerts, tours, albums, movie scorings, and TV commercials, and also differentiates him from other Saxophonists. Besides making music as a solo musician, Tommy Pratomo also join a collective instrumental group called “Saxx in the City” which consists of 3 young and talented saxophonists. Recently he also become a Product Artist of Weissenberg Winds Instruments. Besides music, Tommy Pratomo is also a culinary enthusiast that loves to create fusion food from all over the world. He graduated from culinary school, became a chef, and started to run his own restaurant in 2016. He believes in giving back to the community as his life core and loves to live a simple yet meaningful life.
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