Sir Waldo Weathers

– James Brown
“”The MANTRA is like hitting the lottery. It’s the horn I’ve been waiting for over 50 years!””


“The MANTRA is like hitting the lottery. It’s the horn I’ve been waiting for over 50 years! Playing the DURGA was like meeting a woman and saying, when I first kissed her I knew that was it! It is the one!”


“Saxual Fulfillment” is what you get when you hear the romantic sounds of Sir. Waldo Weathers. On stage he’s the *Da Pope of Funk* when he plays his wind instruments and shares his smooth, sexy, singing in that deep voice that totally satisfies his audience. When Sir. Waldo performs it’s his mission to please everyone. Sir. Waldo grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and at 12 years of age, he was called to play with a group in a night club! The Saxman started out with rhythm and blues bands and went on to do Country music and then jumped to Smooth Jazz & Funk! “And yes he does Gospel.” Sir. Waldo Weathers was awarded a letter of acknowledgement being the First Black Country Sax Player ~~from the Country Music Hall of fame. Quite an honor! His group gives their audience an entertaining performance with their wide range of vocals. Mr. Saxual Fulfillment himself rounds out the group with his sexy sax and his deep, smooth, sexy voice. As you sat and listened to Waldo play his romantic /Funk music on his saxophone you can feel your senses being fed a sensual feast fit for any woman or man. You wont be disappointed. You will truly be “fulfilled”
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Q:Why did you become a musician?
A:Come on man, to get the ladies, LOL Like we all did, to start out with! LOL






    Sir Waldo Weathers