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“Shiva I choose you. I can’t think of a better or more versatile mouthpiece.”


To me what makes Theo Wanne and company special is something that cant be made by hand or machine. That something actual is the kindness and love that radiates from the entire TW team. That alone makes them stand out among everyone else. That same love goes into all of Theo’s pieces which are some of the best in the world.


Los Angeles saxophonist Dante LaShaun plays with unbounded soul and a musical vocabulary that flows elegantly across multiple genres. After a successful career as a session player and sideman, Dante has emerged as a solo artist and is reaching new heights in adult contemporary music. Dante believes that “art and music go hand and hand.” As such, his love of music intertwines with a passion for photography. Two years ago, while traveling in The Republic of the Gambia in West Africa to shoot photos for Jermaine Jackson and the “This Is It” band, Dante met Rex Salas, Grammy-nominated producer and former musical director for Janet Jackson. This unexpected meeting proved fortuitous. The two are now collaborating on a project, writing and recording new music for Dante’s debut release, which is scheduled for December. With the launch of his solo career, Dante feels a renewed sense of focus and purpose: “I find serenity in the music. It always comes back to the music.”
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Q:What’s your philosophy when it comes to making music?
A:Try and fail but never fail to try. I’m always trying new things to what works and don’t work. I do this with music and my business.


  • Berklee College of Music





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