Charles Schiermeyer

– Anita Wilson
“Theo’s mouthpieces have helped me sound more like me than any other mouthpiece I’ve ever played!”


I love the way the durga 3 for alto really lets me play however I want. If i’m on a jazz gig and need to really dig into that cannonball vibe, the mouthpiece doesn’t get in the way and force me to sound a certain way. If I have to play in a contemporary setting like at a church service or wedding, the mouthpiece gives me everything I need to play in that style. It doesn’t force me to play a certain way or sound like specific famous players. That’s the best thing to expect from a piece of equipment: that it helps you sound like yourself and doesn’t get in the way or force you to sound like someone else. Be it a quiet ballad in the style of Johnny Hodges, a screaming pop solo like David Sanborn, some soulful church like Donald Hayes or some Cannonball hardbop, Theo’s mouthpieces let me play all those styles without needing to change equipment.


Charles is the youngest of 3 children, who grew up in Washington State. He began piano lessons around the age of 4, transitioning to the saxophone around age 11. After graduating from Bellevue Community College with his AAS, Charles transferred to Manhattan School of Music and completed his Bachelors of Music and Masters of Music, both having concentrations in Jazz And Commercial Music. While living in New York City, he began performing at several churches and started working as a horn and string arranger for several prominent producers. His work as an arranger for gospel records has led him to receive 3 grammy nominations in the Gospel Album of the Year category. Charles and his wife currently live in Long Beach, California where they are expecting their first child.
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Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:When I feel really connected to the music, I lose track of time and get lost in the music. When I’m in that place, working on music stops being work and becomes a form of meditation for me.


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