Atsushi Yanaka

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
“This mouthpiece blows my mind!”


Learning about Theo Wanne`s amazing knowhow and technical skills really blew off my mind. He created a bipolar mouthpiece combining a fat, round and warm sound while remaining strong, bright, and clear. The Durga 4 Baritone is a wonderful mouthpiece which I enjoy to play gently by myself and stands out well when I play in a concert.


Atsushi Yanaka is the baritone player of the famous band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra which is well known not just in Japan but around the whole world. He is a poet and an actor. He wrote the lyrics of most Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra songs and writes for other artists. Besides his musical career he operates various other businesses of which one is the famous fashion brand “INSTANT FAME” Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra The ska band was found in 1989 in Japan with 9 world-class members. Establishing a solid position as instrumental band the 2002 released album『Stompin’ On DOWN BEAT ALLEY』made it to place 1 of the hit charts in Japan。The band didn’t remain in Japan but played in 31 countries starting with their act at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivals main stage and performed on many top class festival stages in the world. Even now after their 30th anniversary they are entering a new phase with the band theme “Paradise has no border” and keep establishing the “Tokyo Ska” at the top of the music scene. The new album “Ska=Almighty” has been release in March 2021.
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