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WATER Alto Mouthpiece





“The WATER mouthpiece helped me draw out my true classical sound.   Intonation and response are fantastic.  It has just an incredible dynamic range that I have never experienced on any other classical mouthpiece.  It is definitely now my favorite mouthpiece for classical music!”Professor Matthais Anton (Professor at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, lecturer of ear training & music theory at the Hohner Conservatory Trossingen)

“The mouthpiece is a gem. Durable, easy to play, and an incredible option for any young player. Can’t recommend it enough!”Paul Nason

“My daughter (6th grade) is using this for band and loves it. Super easy to play.”Keith Esposito

“The WATER mouthpiece has a true classical sound, yet does not limit me like every other classical mouthpiece I have ever tried.  The WATER mouthpiece is something extraordinary!”Dr. Jeremy Brown (Professor, University of Calgary)

“Just had a friend come by the store. She’s been waiting for the Water mouthpiece restock for a while now. She tried your Water and it was an instant love for her. She said she’s found new love on this Valentine’s Day. Thank you for doing what you do!”Chara Teh (Music Gear Singapore)

“My Wanne Water mouthpiece is a classical alto player’s dream. Every note is centered and yet easily bent, while giving up nothing in terms of power, articulation snd clarity throughout the entire range, even at at whisper. I have the usual number of mouthpieces, from a highly customized Steel in Ebonite I have played for 60 years to a range of Selmers’ culminating with the Concept. The Wanne ‘blows’ them all away. Even on off days, the sound is magnificent. Five Stars!” – Steven Shanin

“The WATER is great. Really really nice. I see exactly what you mean about the way a small tip shouldn’t trouble us ‘jazzers’. In fact, you very quickly can attain quite a full and relatively big sound, despite the tip limitations. The sound is also very defined, plenty of core, and above all quality. Very Cannonball-esque.” – Jim (sax.co.uk)

“I just wanted to say thank you to You and everyone who was involved with getting the new Water A.R.T. Mouthpiece to me. I have been playing a Theo Wanne Mindi Abair Custom 6 on a Yamaha Yas-62 and it is my favorite mouthpiece that I have ever played. I just joined the Symphony Pops Orchestra here in Mobile, Alabama and I wanted to try the Water after I saw reviews and a video on it. After receiving and playing it, I am in love again! This mouthpiece is fantastic. It has a darker, smoky type edge to it but it still has its own character and punch to the sound. Between these two mouthpieces, I’ll never want another unless Theo Wanne develops a newer, better one. Thanks Again for the amazing experience. You’ve made a fan for life. You all are awesome!” – Johnny Woods

“So, what did I think of the new Water classical alto saxophone mouthpiece?  I absolutely loved it!   The tone is on the darker side of the alto saxophone tone spectrum in my opinion but it is also pleasantly focused as well.  It has a pretty dark alto saxophone tone that is also delicate and very beautiful.  The light and delicate singing alto tone is really distinct from many other alto saxophone mouthpieces I have reviewed on this site. I loved the way this Theo Wanne Water alto saxophone mouthpiece tone leaned to the darker and warmer side of an alto saxophone tone.  I was really quite surprised by the evenness of tone throughout the range of the saxophone.  Usually, on the alto sax, when I jump up to the higher end of the saxophone, there is a huge increase in brightness and volume.  A couple times in the sound clips below I jump up to a high D and the tone sounds just as dark and warm as the lower notes to me. The intonation is really excellent on the Theo Wanne Water classical alto saxophone mouthpiece also.  I think the combination of the low baffle with the rectangular chamber seemed to bring the high notes of the saxophone right in to tune.  I did find my middle “E” to still be quite a bit sharp in the middle of the saxophone but that is not unusual for my Selmer Reference 54 alto sax and can be adjusted for when you are aware of it.  What was unusual was playing the high end palm notes, which are usually quite sharp on my Selmer Reference 54 alto sax, perfectly in tune.  This was a nice surprise with this WATER alto saxophone mouthpiece.  I also found the articulation on the Water alto sax mouthpiece to be very clean and precise.  I have to be honest in admitting that when I played classical music on my Meyer 6 alto saxophone mouthpiece, I felt like I was playing short soft staccato notes with a sledge hammer.  I don’t feel this way with the Theo Wanne Water classical alto saxophone mouthpiece. The soft staccato notes are crisp, clean, light and precise.”Steve Neff Review (https://www.neffmusic.com/blog/2021/10/theo-wanne-water-classical-alto-saxophone-mouthpiece-review/)

“The Water Classical Mouthpiece’s 3 tip opening gave me a little pause, but the time blowing through it made all those thoughts disappear. This mouthpiece is incredibly free blowing and gives a very concentrated, direct sound. It is definitely worth a try, especially at the price.” – Jesus Cornier

“The Water mouthpiece made an awesome difference in my sound!” – David Douglass

Professor Matthias Anton playing ‘Aufnahme’ on the Theo Wanne™ WATER alto mouthpiece:

Theo got his start as a mouthpiece refacer, workin in Philadelphia, PA over 30 years ago.    As a refacer, he would sit down with musicians who would tell him the issues they were having while playing, and he would modify their mouthpieces until they were excited about playing on their equipment again.  Seeing people light up, and often do their little ‘happy dance’ became his, and his assistant Frank Machos,  passion.

One of the most shocking things they saw was how much musicians on a budget (students and professional) struggled primarily because of their low cost mouthpieces, as most are cheap ABS plastic with poor facings and designs.   In fact, they saw many students ready to give up their saxophone craft all together because of this.   But after fixing their mouthpieces, the students got excited about playing music again…VERY excited.   This was because they no longer had to fight the instrument, and their creativity and joy could flow.

Theo and Frank got to help so many different levels of musicians get excited about their music again by fixing their mouthpieces, that together they vowed to bring an AFFORDABLE mouthpiece of TOP quality into the world one day, to alleviate this problem!

It took Theo another 30 years to find a fantastic design, top level material, and affordable manufacturing process to make such a mouthpiece.    It is not easy making a professional level mouthpiece for a very low price.    But the WATER mouthpiece by Theo Wanne™ (and inspired by Frank Machos) now has a perfect facing curve, flat table and professional design.   It is a true professional mouthpiece, but at a price that starting saxophonists and musicians on a budget can afford!

Even though creating such a mouthpiece was not easy, Theo and Frank kept their vow, and are now doing their own ‘Happy Dance’ thinking of all the musicians on a budget that this mouthpiece will inspire 🙂





You asked for the ultimate all-around Alto mouthpiece.  It’s here and already winning awards!

The Theo Wanne™ WATER mouthpiece has been in Research and Development for over five years. The sound concept of the WATER is unlike any other Theo Wanne™ mouthpiece. You will find a rich beautiful core to the sound, in fact, richer than any other classical or all-around mouthpiece we tested, vintage or new. This is intentional and due to a truly unique Small-Chamber & Throat that compresses the airstream into the saxophone neck to create a rich sound, that is not pinched at all like other small chamber designs.

“The WATER mouthpiece draws out my true classical sound.   Intonation and response are fantastic.  It has an incredible dynamic range I’ve never experienced on any other classical mouthpiece.  Definitely now my favorite mouthpiece for classical music!” – Professor Matthais Anton (Professor at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, lecturer of ear training & music theory at the Hohner Conservatory Trossingen)

The Shark-Gill™ Baffle developed by Theo is also very unique.  It both channels and disrupts the airstream at the same time. This is similar to the flow of water over a shark’s skin allowing it to travel faster. The air fills up the full volume of the small chamber/throat more efficiently.  You will find the WATER to have enough resistance for the classical musician and most general music too, yet it never feels clogged or like you must fight the mouthpiece. The Thick-Tip-Rail helps add control over your sound, so it does not feel wild and out of control.  It also gives the option of moving the reed forward and back to adjust the amount of resistance one prefers.

The WATER is made from our revolutionary Black A.R.T. Material.  This is not a cheap ABS or Delrin plastic, but a very high quality and expensive proprietary material that actually resonates better than vintage hard rubber. In fact it is the only material that we like better than vintage hard rubber.

The WATER comes only in Size 3, as the design is optimized for this size. You will notice, however, how big a sound you can get from it:

“The WATER is great. Really really nice! I see exactly what you mean about the way a small tip shouldn’t trouble us ‘jazzers’. In fact, you very quickly can attain quite a full and relatively big sound. The sound is also very defined, plenty of core, and above all quality.” – Jim Cheek (sax.co.uk)

We are very proud of this very unique design, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. As part of the Elements Series, this mouthpiece has ALL the quality you’ve come to expect from Theo Wanne™, but at a price for any budget! The Elements Series is already winning awards! Truly, a super-high-quality and affordable mouthpiece.


  • The ultimate all-around AND classical mouthpiece.
  • The most expressive traditional sound you’ve ever heard!
  • Retains the resistance and body to the sound classical musicians require.


  • Small chamber for a full, yet clean yet articulate sound.
  • Theo Wanne’s proprietary Shark-gill™ baffle.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of classical mouthpiece history; perfect side and tip rails!
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage mouthpieces.


  • Black A.R.T:  The WATER uses revolutionary A.R.T material.  The only material with better resonance qualities than Hard Rubber!
  • Drawstring Pouch:  A beautiful Theo Wanne™ microfiber draw-string mouthpiece pouch.
  • Ligature and Cap:  Comes with our Proprietary Band-Style Ligature and Reed Replacer Cap.
  • Pairs Perfectly with our Alto ENLIGHTENED Ligature (not included)

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Alto Size

3 (0.061")


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