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The ultimate Meyer style alto saxophone mouthpiece!


Mouthpiece Cap for Use with Reed On – optional


Pressure Plate Set – optional

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You asked us for the Holy Grail vintage Meyer…so we made it for you!

Updated to NYBROS 2 with an updated baffle and floor, the NYBROS 2 has even more body and fullness to the sound.

Theo Wanne is the world’s foremost expert on vintage sax mouthpieces and he understands WHY a Meyer sounds great. So, Theo utilized the best design principles from decades of vintage Meyers to make the new Theo Wanne™ NY Bros alto mouthpiece.   It is the ultimate vintage Meyer.

“THIS PIECE DOES EVERYTHING THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MISSING ON OTHER NY MEYER STYLE PIECES.  It is the Perfect Meyer!” – Tim Price (Harry James Orchestra, Charlie Watts Big Band, Sonny Stitt)

The NY Bros mouthpiece is the ultimate alto mouthpiece for students and pros alike, allowing the player to get the ‘classic’ alto sound AND be fully expressive. Hear more about the history of Meyer and the NY BROS concept please click here!


  • Versatile! Great for all styles including Jazz, Rock & Roll and even classical.
  • The most expressive traditional Meyer sound you’ve ever heard!


  • Perfectly sculpted medium chamber and roll-over baffle.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of Meyer style mouthpieces; perfect side and tip rails!
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage mouthpieces.   Incorporating the best features of every Meyer vintage, from the 1940’s to present.


  • Premium Hard Rubber:  The NY Bros 2 uses the finest vintage style hard rubber on the planet!
  • Vintage Style Box: A dark grey and metallic silver vintage styled Theo Wanne™ mouthpiece box.
  • Drawstring Pouch:  A beautiful Theo Wanne™ microfiber draw-string mouthpiece pouch.
  • Pairs Perfectly with our Alto XL ENLIGHTENED Ligature (not included)

“It’s a huge round hard rubber sound with lots of edge.   Couldn’t be any better.   Also the facings of my 2 (alto) pieces are 8 (NYBros) and 9 (KALI Gold), close enough to use the same reed and the shanks are identical so they both fit my cork.  Tell Theo that my biggest endorsement of them (as someone that actually makes their living playing) is that in spite of having 2 completely different tones, they feel very very very similar.   So Monday night pop/contemporary gig I use the Kali, then get called Tuesday for a big band gig and I can use the same reed on the NY Bros and be just as comfortable.      Otherwise I would never go through the BS of keeping 2 sets of reeds ready to go at all times.” – Steve Dawson (Terry Fator show)

The NYBROS was incredibly in tune (spot on) and played better than any Meyer I ever played.  The NYBROS actually surpasses my old vintage Meyer Bros. alto mouthpiece.” Jimmy Haag (Dianna Ross,  Lou Rawls, Tommy Dorsey)

“WOW! This is the best playing Meyer mouthpiece I have ever played…that includes all the vintage ones, and all the new ‘copies’ out there!” – Daniel

“Everyone I let try my NYBROS wants it!  Jeez!” – John

“But that NYBROS. F&*%# me!” – John Roggensack

“Huge sound on the darker side of things with lots of projection. Nice amount of resistance so you can really put some air into the horn. Great altissimo & body to the sound!” – Jason Weber

“That is a Great full darker sound w/plenty of projection. The whole range from lower register to altissimo sounds great. You can hardly tell where 1 register ends and the next begins.” – Larry Weintraub

“The best of all Meyer style mouthpieces out there by far!” – Lars H

“I have recently acquired a NY Bros. 2 Alto mouthpiece (tip opening 5) from Theo Wann. I’ve been playing for 50 years and have played on dozens of alto mouthpieces and I am very impressed by this mouthpiece. Here’s why: 1. Clear tone throughout the range of the horn w/out too much brightness.  2. A warm tone, rich in overtones is possible making this mouthpiece useful in concert situations as well as big band or straight ahead jazz playing.  3. Ease of articulation and outstanding intonation is possible.  4. The top tones on the horn don’t thin out on this mouthpiece but actually play as fully as the rest of the horn.  5. This mouthpiece is reed friendly. Every reed that I put on it, even older, well played reeds, play easily.  6. There seems to be just enough resistance to to make dynamic variations as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.” – Dominick Minni (musician, educator.  Philadelphia, PA)

“But that NYBROS. F&*%# me!” – John Roggensack

“Yeah, it’s a great piece. I’ve had it for about 4 months now and it’s still opening up and showing me new things that it can do. Love it!” – Rob Stone

“All I can say is, WOW!! If you’re looking for a Meyer type of piece with an extra bit of power, you gotta check the NYBROS out! It has a beautiful core sound with a little bit of edge (but not too much) to help the sound cut through. This is also a very easy playing piece. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to my embouchure or airstream to get to my sound. I don’t know all the technical jargon for what makes a good (great) mouthpiece. I just put the mouthpiece on the horn and blow. Either it will play well or it won’t. This one feels and sounds great!! If you’re looking for a jazz alto piece you should definitely give Theo a call and check out one of these!” – Charles McNeal

Well I’ve had chance to play the NYB 5 and 6 now. I’d like to be able to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how good they are, but frankly I’m not. Any surprise that Theo’s pieces are excellent vanished many years ago, and these are no exception! The NYBROS is golden! For many years I’ve used a very good Meyer which I picked out from about 12 new pieces in a big London woodwind store in the early 90’s. The Meyer is a classic design and for a certain sound they’re unbeatable. Or rather, were unbeatable! These new NYBROS pieces have that great Meyer core sound which is so good for lead alto, but add a clarity and volume which are just not present in any Meyer that I’ve ever played. They really are a Super Meyer! I’d like to be able to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how good they are, but frankly I’m not. Any surprise that Theo’s pieces are excellent vanished many years ago, and these are no exception!” – Michael Ford

“Please thank Theo for his awesome mouthpiece – I absolutely love it and my teacher commented on how good I was sounding at my lesson last night (it was the first time I’d played it at lesson)!” – Matthew Link

“LOVE IT! I was looking for more projection for blues/rock/funk while still maintaining a warm, round, centered tone that my Meyer 5 Richie Cole gave me for jazz music and the NY Bros 7 piece delivered! It was a bit brighter than I was expecting, most in the upper register, but given an adjusted ligature and reed combo as well as time for my embouchure to adjust, I really love this piece! Previously, I had found it difficult to leave my tried and true Meyer that I’ve been playing for 10+ years, but I jumped on the Theo Wanne mouthpiece train now and am searching for soprano and tenor pieces too! Thank you Theo Wanne!!” – Vanessa C

“I recently updated my alto mouthpiece to a NY Bros. WOW! What really amazed me was not only was it a great big sound with incredible response, but how versatile it is. As a studio musician, I need to be able to play a variety of genres and this mouthpiece can do it all. Very humbly, people have said that my alto sound is a cross between Cannonball and Phil Woods (now, if my brain would only think like theirs!). This mouthpiece is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Just incredible!” – Russ Scotti

“My TW NY BROS alto mouthpiece, 6, arrived yesterday. WOW! Over the top. Exactly the sound I was listening for. I have arrived.” – Will Turner

“I just purchased your Theo Wanne NY Bros Alto 6 mouthpiece. I just want to tell you how fantastic it is …. it’s so responsive … I love it.” – Linda Blaine


“Huge sound on the darker side of things with lots of projection. Nice amount of resistance so you can really put some air into the horn. Great altissimo & body to the sound!” – Jason Weber Review

“I am excited to say that the Theo Wanne™ NY Bros alto mouthpiece is THE state of the art Meyer sound! I let New York and East coast professional players try these, and the overwhelming response was that Theo surpassed his mark. They shared the mouthpiece had the NY Meyer vibe but played more reeds, was more fun to play, and was beautiful to listen to while maintaining edge and brightness.  For me this piece just sings! The tone is full, round and beautiful, and he altissimo just sings. It is such a highly versatile mouthpiece, I would bring this mouthpiece to any gig. It can have a very jazz straight ahead sound, be romantic on jazz ballads, and be punchy and fat for funk and R&B. Theo is very proud of this mouthpiece and I can understand why! THIS PIECE DOES EVERYTHING THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MISSING ON OTHER NY MEYER STYLE PIECES.  I didn’t think a vintage New York Meyer Bros mouthpiece could get better.  Looks like I was wrong, this thing has more body to the sound than any of my vintage (or new) mouthpieces.  Yet it still sounds and feels like my vintage pieces.  It is the Perfect Meyer!” – Tim Price Review (Tim Price is a Selmer saxophone clinician and one of the country’s foremost woodwind artists. He’s spent years in the trenches with the big bands of Tommy Dorsey and Harry James, as well as performing with bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rachel Z)

“The NY Brothers is a really well balanced piece that is easy to play and has a great sound.  I definitely get the vibe of Phil Woods and Cannonball Adderley in the sound.  The altissimo is solid and easy, and the pitch is great.  It can actually be hard to find a solid all-around alto mouthpiece.  This is one of my new favorites!  It has tons of power and flexibility, without losing that classic bop alto sound!” – Dave Strong (Manager of Schmitt Music in Minneapolis, MN USA)