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MANTRA Tenor Mouthpiece

SKU: 116173422




“I love the mantra…It plays with ease in all registers from altissimo to bottom… I’m not working hard and the notes play with a strong pop , resonance and presence to them…Playing just got more inspiring:)” – Phillip Whack (Fred Wesley & the New JB’s)

“Surprisingly responsive and reed friendly. I have hundreds of mouthpieces but haven’t had the urge to change since I’ve played these Mantras!” – Sam Phipps (Oingo Boingo)

“Your mouthpieces are like drugs to an addict. You eventually realize there is no going back ever. Once you’ve discovered a Theo Wanne Mouthpiece, your life is changed forever. What once appeared to be quite useable is now obsolete. No one can ever go back to playing what worked before. The addiction is now uncontrollable. You crave what’s in Theo’s next inspiration. I’m hopelessly hooked. You’ve got me and there’s no cure.”– Jimmy Haag (Dianna Ross,  Low Rawls, Tommy Dorsey)

“Amazing mouthpiece! This Mantra mouthpiece is one I use on both standards and contempoary music. Play it hard and it has a whole new identity. If you want a mouthpiece that plays quiet and smooth then if needed loud and punchy I recommend the Mantra. I will be touring with this one.” –  Eddie Baccus Jr. (Pieces of a Dream)

“Like finding lost treasure! Theo Wanne mouthpieces are the dream of every Saxophone player. Craftsmanship style, elegance and sound. – After a long time of searching for a mouthpiece that can give me that sound were the audience just goes “wow”, i finally found Theo Wanne mouthpieces. The Mantra tenor mouthpiece is a free blowing mouthpiece with a great traditional huge sound that allows me to express what i feel, when i feel it. Theo has really amazed me and has given me the opportunity to meet real craftsmanship and excellence in mouthpieces. Its a never ending play time for me. These mouthpieces will blow you away!!!!!!!!” – Nelson Garcia

“I love my Mantra tenor, it has the best sound. In fact, it sounds even better now, others sound worse.” – Mike Mertrand

“This thing is so killin'” – Dean Mongerio

“I was so knocked out by the Mantra soprano I had to get it on Tenor. The Mantra tenor is a responsive mouthpiece, from one end of the horn to the other. It reminds me of the connection to the horn I had with my metal Lawton, but the MANTRA has a fuller richer tone to it, and it is a very quick mouthpiece (mouth and fingers in complete harmony no lag in between). Great work Theo, I have been spoiled as other musicians have by your high quality mouthpieces, all top quality if there is a problem playing one of your mouthpieces it is with the musician not your mouthpiece, years ago it was hit and miss not really sure what you would get even after working months to get the sound you were looking for, not any more! Thanks for making life more enjoyable for sax players!” – Mike McGlynn

“I can’t put my horn down. The Mantra is simply amazing, it makes my horn so responsive from low Bb to infinity!   You are truly great at what you do and I am in awe.  Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!” – Kevin King

“My horn got crushed just before Portland’s biggest Blues festival. I took my time looking for a new horn, and when I finally bought one, I thought I loved it. BUT A friend of mine runs a shop in Canby and had one of your horns for another customer and suggested that I play them side by side. I was blown away! I returned the other horn the next day. Iam super pumped to have the radest sax in Portland. It’s the finest machine I’ve ever touched! Sooo happy with it! She’s melting faces… so punchy! Wow! Thank you.” – Eric Rabe

“Excellent Dynamics from this quality mouthpiece. I was looking for a mouthpiece that would give me everything from a roar to a whisper, I wasn’t disappointed. I tried a number of other pieces before selecting the Mantra delivered my expectations. I play in a number of combos from full windband to smaller Jazz ensembles and Big Bands. Whether I need subtle tones or projection this Mantra hits the spot every time. Also seems to offer the flexibility of different reed strengths without any issues, I prefer softer reeds, but when called for power on the 7* it produced exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to Theo Wanne for an excellent addition to my kit.” – Ken D

“Perfect in Every Detail!! Perfect use for any genre, from soft to screaming tones. First I was impressed when I grabbed the mouthpiece out of the box. The MANTRA was perfect and neatly crafted. I could not see any manufacture defects until now. I played on a 110/1 berg before the MANTRA, I would say both of them had similar brightness. But the MANTRA was more FREE BLOWING and RESONANT, it also gave me a WIDER RANGE OF DYNAMICS and BETTER ARTICULATION. I fell in love with the MANTRA. I can’t stop blowing after owning a MANTRA. Perfect reason to practice everyday. The Mantra’s details surely made the huge revolution to the mouthpiece world.” – Russel B

“The best tenor mouthpiece ever! The Mantra alto, tenor and soprano mouthpieces are the best I’ve played!! Not only do they produce a great sound, but they are also very versatile and can fit any musical situation. They help to develop a very personal sound. Thanks Theo!” – Juan Alzate

“I really like my new Tenor Mantra mouthpiece. It plays easily across the entire range of the instrument. I have a Cannonball Big Bell.” – Bracken Watts


I’ve been playing Otto link mouthpieces for most of my musical life. I often found myself wanting a bit more volume and projection in my sound, especially when getting buried in loud horn sections, until I tried the Mantra tenor mouthpiece. This piece as Theo calls it a “link on steroids” offers the link core sound along with great volume and projection combined with superb manufacturing. Its like a dream come true!! I strongly recommend Theo Wanne’s mouthpieces to any saxophonist out there. Worth every penny!” – Ivan Renta (WWBW Review)

“Theo Wanne has long been an innovator as far as producing the world’s best playing and sounding mouthpieces. The Mantra tenor sax mouthpiece is no exception. It definitely has a huge sound while not losing the ability to control it. Theo has invented his “shark gill” technology which adds to the quality of sound. Try one and you won’t be sorry. Why not play the best!” – Jimmy Haag (WWBW Review)

“I absolutely love this mouthpiece! Easy to play and is even all throughout the horn! You cannot go wrong if you love power and precision, that is!” – Eddie Baccus Jr. (Pieces of a Dream) From WWBW Review

Eddie Baccus Jr. Reviewing the MANTRA Tenor Mouthpiece and Saxophone“I love it! If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what your missing!” – Eddie Baccus Jr.


The MANTRA mouthpiece has a huge core sound with amazing bite and edge. This is not an Otto Link copy. It is a beautiful blend of the fatness of an Otto Link and the Core Sound of a Berg. It is the true ‘Link on Steroids’ and is an incredibly fun mouthpiece to play. Its unique rollover baffle, square window, and ‘shark gill’ chamber along with Theo Wanne’s advanced manufacturing techniques make this a standout in the mouthpiece market. Like Theo Wanne’s other mouthpieces, the MANTRA uses his incredible advanced CAD manufacturing techniques.

“Surprisingly responsive and reed friendly. I have hundreds of mouthpieces but haven’t had the urge to change since I’ve played these Mantras!” – Sam Phipps (Oingo Boingo)

The MANTRA combines both a shallow-step and roll-over baffle, and adds the Theo Wanne proprietary “shark-gill” chamber. These features give the MANTRA enough projection and edge to be suitable for Rock n’ Roll, and depth and warmth for more traditional playing.

Like all Theo Wanne™ products the MANTRA is made using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies. You will receive the most consistent and highest quality mouthpiece available in history. The MANTRAs advanced design, high quality and fantastic price make it the best value mouthpiece in the market.t.


  • Versatile, with a big core sound.
  • Good for both Rock n’ Roll and traditional Jazz!


  • Revolutionary Shark-Gill Chamber™ with a medium step AND roll-over baffle.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


  • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! Like the case?  See our other mouthpiece and reed cases here!
  • Finish: The Metal MANTRA has a reticulated 24K gold plating (standard), and Vintified (special order).
  • Ligatures: Metal MANTRA includes our integrated two-point contact 24K gold Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate.   To truly individualize your sound, try our premium pressure plates, which fit all of our mouthpieces and ligatures!
  • Cap: Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.
  • Bite Pad: Our user replaceable bite pads, allow you to peel and stick on new bite pads. Try our varying hardness bite pads to personalize the feel.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Tenor Size

6* (.095"), 7* (0.105"), 8 (0.110")


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