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WaKaNa is a Japanese saxophonist who focuses on SMOOTH JAZZ, SOUL, R&B and also collaborates with rappers, shingers, and DJs.

She was born in Chiba, Japan and is a central member of the young and upcoming pop instrumental bands, LUCA.

After graduating from the Shobi Musical College, she has been performing both in LUCA, the band which I joined during my time as a student, and also as a solo artist. She has experienced so many different types of music, and increasingly has been performing in Japan and abroad in Asia as well.

She recently played in Korea and China as member of "IN YA MELLOW TONE" a compilation series of JAZZY & MELLOW HIP HOP.

Her career has found her performing with numerous musicians both in Japan and overseas, including at the Cannonball Saxophones 20th anniversary concert in Los Angeles USA.
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  • Shobi Musical College - Japan