Adrian Olmos

– Iration, Alice Cooper
“Holy chamber, Batman!”


I’m a big air player, and the large chamber in Theo’s mouthpieces let me to fill the horn with as much air as I can pump in, but also allows me to play low and soft without losing any edge. Love the look, the feel, and performance of these products, and will support this great company for decades to come.


“Anybody can play, the note is only 20%. The attitude of the Mother#^@%*& is 80%” -Miles Davis Adrian lives by and lives up to this famous quote, pouring his soul into every note! Born and raised in CA, Adrian started playing Sax at the age of 10, where he immediately tossed aside grade school music by trading Mary Had a Little Lamb for the work of Stan Getz and the Funk of Motown. He learned to play these songs by ear front to back. Later, what caught his attention were sax greats Lennie Pickett, Maceo Parker, and rock sax players Bobby Keys and Clarence Clemons. Combined with music from guitar players Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Paige, and Keith Richards, Adrian created a powerful, melodic style of his own. Adrian plays music that is IN YOUR FACE. Music that makes people feel free, delivering energy and soul to the listener. Touring since the age of 19, he has played everything from swing, rock, latin and funk, to blues, soul, jazz and hip-hop. He has performed with established bands and has built a following. Adrian has a passion for working in the studio. He has recorded on numerous occasions with late legendary classic rock producer Andy Johns, and current hit maker Lewis Richards. He also is a successful studio harmonica player. You can hear Adrian and his famed saxophone on singles by Alice Cooper, Micah Brown, Iration and of course his own solo work “AO”. For the last few years, he has had steady studio work from Epic and Sony Records. Catch him live with Iration, AO and others.
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Iration – 2019

AO – 2019

Alice Cooper Live – 2018


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:When you close your eyes and truly connect to the music and other players it can become so euphoric that when you open your eyes you feel like you just came out of a dream.






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