Refacing Files and Sanding Tools

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Along with our Mouthpiece Refacing Kit and Glass Surface Plate, this bundle includes all the tools you need to reface mouthpiece.

This set contains:

  1. 2 Sanding sticks (one fine & one rough)
  2. 10 Replacement Sanding Belts (5 fine, and 5 rough)
  3. A full set of Needle Files
  4. 20 Sheets of High-Quality Sandpaper, in the perfect grits for refacing.

The other tools you will want to get started are:  thick glass plate and our Refacing Kit.

“Thank you guys for providing this kit!    I am just starting at refacing, but now I have all the tools I need and feel I am off to a good start.   I would otherwise have no idea what the best tools are, so I really appreciate it.   Really a big thank you for putting this together for us all!” – Mark Sprinter

“Finally…I’ve been needing this for years!” – John