The most advanced Tenor Saxophone made today!

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The MANTRA 2 Tenor Saxophone is the most advanced saxophone available.  Mantra means: A sound, or group of sounds, that leads the speaker to freedom.  That is is intention with this saxophone!

“The MANTRA is so inspiring to play, I’m falling back in love with the saxophone!” – Tim Izo Orindgreff (The Black-Eyed Peas, Fergie)

The NEW 2018 MANTRA 2 is completely updated from head to toe.   It is a much lighter horn and has more body to the sound than the original MANTRA.   It comes with our special titanium alloy neck with innovative taper creates easier altissimo and improved intonation.   Of course it also comes Music Medic kangaroo pads.

  • The bell-to-body brace has three fully captured points of contact with the body. It is far stronger than a traditional brace while allowing for previously unheard of freedom.  It also replaces the pants guard.
  • The low C and B/Bb key-guard felts are in-line with the key arms. The key cups do not twist like on other saxophones, or dampen vibration by having extra arms soldered to the key cup.
  • Proprietary three ring neck strap hook.   To let the horn hang in the most comfortable manner for your playing style.


  • This is a BIG sounding horn.   Can sound like a vintage Selmer, but will take more and more as you blow harder too.
  • Perfect for all types of music you wish to show expression in!


  • Based off of vintage saxophone phonics, and updated with modern technology.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces and saxophones.


  • Finish: Available in Platinum Lacquer.
  • Set-Up: Pads and setup are done at Music Medic, the USA’s foremost saxophone shop.
  • Brace: Four point bell-to-body brace.
  • Reticulated Interior: Creates Boundary-Layer-Effect.
  • Titanium Neck Tube: Sonically superior, effortless altissimo, great intonation.
  • In-line key felts: Low Eb, C, B and Bb do not twist due to in-line bumpers.
  • Mouthpiece: Does not come with a mouthpiece.  We found the mouthpiece is too individual to include with the saxophone.

“The MANTRA is so inspiring to play, I’m falling back in love with the saxophone!” – Tim Izo Orindgreff (The Black-Eyed Peas)

“The MANTRA is like hitting the lottery.  It’s the horn I’ve been waiting for over 50 years!” – Sir Waldo Weathers (15 years with James Brown)

“The MANTRA is amazing!  It feels like a part of me when I play it.” – Mike Macarthur (Maynard Ferguson, Diane Schuur)

“The MANTRA is the best saxophone I’ve played in my life.”  – Eddie Baccus Jr. (Peaces of a Dream)

“The MANTRA is mind-boggling! It’s in a class by itself! I am thoroughly DIGGIN’ this horn, man!!  It’s pure pleasure to play an instrument of such stellar quality, that combines the best of the legendary saxophones of the past, with all of the cutting edge, innovative features, Theo has designed into the Mantra! The end result is an instrument that is incredibly natural feeling in terms of its ergonomics and the way the airstream feels, as it moves through the horn! The Mantra represents an advancement in saxophone design and is truly, a joy to play! The thought and dedication you have put into your products is very much in evidence. Saxophonists, all over, are reaping the benefits of your focusing on the finer details of mouthpiece and saxophone manufacture.”  – Ron Holloway (Allman Brothers, Little Feet)

“The Mantra is a slammin’ horn! The Mantra mouthpiece is a slammin’ piece!  Theo Wanne’s Mantra tenor saxophone, mouthpiece, case and attention to detail are second to none.  He has done it again. This horn clearly demonstrates the fact that the development of the saxophone continues and the bar has yet again been raised by Theo Wanne and the Mantra.  Any saxophonist looking to buy a quality tenor saxophone need not look any further.  Maybe I can borrow it for a couple decades…” –  Skip Spratt (Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, The Temptations)

“Hi, Theo! i’m the owner of one of your great Mantra Tenor Saxophones. Just want to thank you about it. Playing this instrument makes me feel like flying on airbus and watching on another saxes like fields below. It’s the second horn bought in Russia. As Valery said to me. Thank you!!!!” – Dmitry Tolochkov (Russia)

“My Mantra tenor saxophone embarrasses any other sax that I play!” – Big Saxy Brainen

“THIS IS THE BEST SAX I’VE EVER PLAYED!!!!  This sax is truly amazing! I have truly come to understand and appreciate all the wonderful engineering tweaks you’ve done to this beautiful instrument. I can’t stop looking at it, playing it and marveling at it’s sonic beauty. This is the saxophone I wish I had all along.” – Jim Scimonetti

“I purchased The Mantra with doing a ton of research. Even calling the manufacturer to discuss specs etc… I contacted several persons that I heard playing on Youtube and they convinced me to give it a try. Prior to I played a Yamaha YTS-62. It’s a good horn but not “great”. I actually used to record on a demo cd but never was completely satisfied with the sound I was getting. I tried mouthpieces that ranged from $300-$450 and still no success. This horn, The Mantra; is incredible. Besides the 30 different innovations, you have to try it for yourself. The highs are high and the lows are there with little effort. I’ve been using DC NY reeds and the intonation is there especially in the upper register.  I’m definitely satisfied.”– Robert Richard

“The MANTRA is a slammin’ horn! The Mantra mouthpiece is a slammin’ piece! Theo has done it again. This horn clearly demonstrates the fact that the development of the saxophone continues and the bar has yet again been raised by Theo Wanne and the MANTRA. Any saxophonist looking to buy a quality tenor saxophone need not look any further. Maybe I can borrow it for a couple decades…” Full Review Here and watch demo video below:

“A spiritual sax that plays and sounds great and looks even better. In all, the Mantra is an eye-catcher with excellent playability and outstanding sound. It isn’t gaudy or flashy with lack of function, but designed with class and intelligence.” – JazzTimes (June 2012 Issue)

“Mouthpiece maker Theo Wanne entered the saxophone market with the MANTRA tenor, an innovative horn designed to be incredibly solid and resonant. Nothing is soldered to the neck of the MANTRA — the saxophone’s Resonance neck brace and Resonance octave key are totally isolated, so there’s no damping effect.  Featuring a large bore and bell, the saxophone has a constant tenon taper from the first tone hole to the last.” – MUSIC INC – Top 50 Band Standouts (Picked as one of the 50 top products out of ten’s of thousands of products shown at NAMM)