LCM 300 Accordion MkII

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LCM 300 for Accordion

Again a group of musicians that will enjoy the freedom to move and the reliable continuous sound quality that are proverbial for our microphones. The LCM 300 is the first complete professional microphone system for accordions. It can be clamped on the resonance box of most accordions, without doing any harm to the box. This mic system uses 3 micro-phones to reach the perfect reproduction of the full spectrum of this exigent instrument. The balance between the bass section and the right-hand keyboard is delicately adjustable within hand-reach of the musician (by DM preamp).

We have designed our mic to clamp on the outside of the instrument, since this will reproduce the natural sound in the best possible way. This compared to the usual, internally placed mics for accordions.
Highly recommended for every accordion player!