LCM 100 HL Double bass incl HL preamp

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LCM 100 HL / 102 for Bass & Cello

The LCM100HL offers the ultimate solution for the double bass: it guarantees a natural sound reproduction of digital studio quality, from the subtlest bow to heavy jazz solos. The mic includes a bridge clamp and a High-Level preamp to connect with the line input of your bass amplifier.

The mic can be combined with our PU-4 pickup: this will allow you to play with a very loud volume. Four separate piezoÕs are fixed on the bridge near each string for vital contact sound. Both signals can be mixed and controlled with the BS-2 type preamp. Together with the authentic acoustic sound of the mic, it will give you the most perfect bass sound you can ever get!

LCM100C: for Cello we designed the special shock mounted clamp (clc) that can be attached with Velcro.
It has a very lightweight construction and is also suitable for double bass.