FX-1 Flute mic

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SD Systems X series, an innovation in mic technology!

NEW is the FX-1 for Flute.

Lightweight and compact, yet with a pure, powerful sound, the FX-1 for flute offer every flutist the opportunity to be heard, no matter what their budget.

The FX-1 clips securely to the headjoint, and is easily positioned to ensure maximum tone and little to no breath sound.


  • Type: condenser capsule.
  • Polar pattern: unidirectional.
  • Frequency response: 150-20.000 Hz.
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 140 dB.
  • Output impedance: 200 Ohm.
  • Sensitivity: -64 dB.
  • Powering: 9 V battery.
  • Output: line level, 1/4″ jack.
  • Volume control.