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DURGA 5 Baritone Mouthpiece

SKU: 47710072-1-1




“Got the Durga 5 bari piece and…holy moly! You guys hit it out of the park! Plays great! Awesome job (as usual)! Thanks!” – Mark Douthit (Elton John, Billy Joel, Lionel Ritchie, Amy grant, Vanessa Williams, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Billy Ray Cyrus, Vince Gill, Joe Bonamassa)

“The DURGA Baritone is the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played on this instrument! Powerful like a shotgun but I could easily sub-tone on some of the play-offs and quiet sections, brilliant!! Consistent throughout, never had this ease of playing altissimo on Baritone before, mid range and low end are brutal!! DAMMNN!!” – Jamie Michael Harris (Michael Jackson, Mo Pleasure, Earth Wind and Fire, Bette Midler)

“I am playing on both the tenor and baritone DURGA mouthpieces, which are incredible in every way. The DURGA mouthpieces remain my favorite because of the versatility and the tremendous dynamics that are possible with them. As a studio and jazz player I need to be very subtle at times and then I need to utterly explode. The DURGA definitely fills the bill. Once again, you have created the most amazing mouthpiece that incorporates so many wonderful musical possibilities. Congratulations on another masterpiece!” – Terry Harrington (Lisa Simpson’s Sax on The Simpsons for 20 years

“I have not played a better mouthpiece than the DURGA baritone!”  -Greg Abate (Rhode Island Hall of Fame)

The DURGA is here and……I AM SPEECHLESS. No kidding. I need a few days till I get un-daZed from it. There’s so much in it…man…I’m at an all time bliss. For the record- THE BEST METAL BARI MOUTHPIECE EVER MADE. It’s made better than you could dream of-and it plays. Nuff said.” -Tim Price (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

“OMG I freaking LOVE IT!!! Perfect intonation!!!  Spot on in tune note for note over our entire range. Palm keys speak exactly when I need them to. The overtones in the horn are there in all their brilliance over its entire range. Oh, and the trumpets cried because of the “wall of sound” coming from the saxes!!!  So yes, the Durga 3 works very well with low A horns as well as my Low Bb horns—even the über fussy Couf. So, I may well become a former Berg player over all 3 of my baris. Who would have thunk it? Not me….” – Helen Kahlke (Basssax.com)

“WWWOOOOWW!  The DURGA Baritone is everything I had hoped it would be.  I have been searching for a mouthpiece that would play like this for soooo long.  Theo truly has a handle on what needs to be done.  I played it for three hours straight last night.  Couldn’t put it down…..  The heavy brass ligature plate locked the focus in so well.  I couldn’t believe what a difference there was between plates.  Theo knows what he is talking about.  Please pass the word to Theo that he has hit another home run!” Steve

“The DURGA baritone mouthpiece is the best I’ve ever had, and believe me, I have tried many!   It has full and rich notes with gravity and the high notes are much more open.”   – Nedo Carli

“My Theo Wanne DURGA Bari Mouthpiece is AWESOME!!!  The mouthpiece rocks from soft ballad style to TOP style and everything in between.” – Zach F

“Love this piece. Easy blowing, clear sound from all angles (loud and screaming to almost cello-like classic timbre. You really know what You are doing :))))))))))))))) And your advertising says, unlike others, the truth.”  – Wolfgang W.

“I recently purchased the DURGA 7* for baritone.  I was shocked at how easy it was to play (I use Rico #4’s). Not only the volume, which is what MOST modern mouthpieces give you, but the overall symmetry of the tone from top to the bottom was outstanding!  I am currently the only reed player in the Broadway revival of HAIR and the book is 90% baritone. The pleasure your mp gives to me every performance is so gratifying and the guys seem to notice that the tunes where I get to stretch out, since I’m NOT worrying about the horn, reed , mp, etc, are more spontaneous! What a wonder. No stress!  Just slap a reed on and have a great time. Thanks again for a great piece. I usually play vintage pieces but the DURGA really turned my head around.” – Allen Won

“I’ve been ‘out there’ gigging for well over 45 years and I the DURGA is the best piece that I have ever used. I can’t believe the ease with which the DURGA baritone plays. The sound is stronger when needed than my custom made metal Lawton. I’m using it in all venues I play in, shows, big band and blues band sections and it delivers what I need for all. It’s a keeper” – Brian

“I think the Durga has to be the new gold standard against which all other bari mouthpieces are measured.   The R&B setting is a great test for baritone sax – playing at the extreme top and bottom range of the horn, clarity of sound, intonation, blend, power, dynamic control.   The DURGA addressed all of the issues I was having in this setting.” – Steve Bagnell

“The Bari DURGA is off the hook. OMG!!! Please see if anyone wants to buy my Lawton Bari.” – Mike“Craftsmanship to die for. Great packaging. But enough of that, how did it play? This mouthpiece was great! Great tone and projection. The Durga, I believe, is the brightest tenor model so I was fearful that this mouthpiece would be too bright. That was not the case at all. Nice rich core but it still kicks. Easy articulation from top to bottom. I could even double tongue a low A!(Like I’m gonna need that).  This may be the model that finally gets me to change bari mouthpieces.” – shortwhite (SOTW Review)

“Ok guys…I just tried an 8* and bought it on the spot. Just fantastic. As soon as I got home I got a bit of buyers remorse thinking about how much I just spent. Then I tried the mouthpiece again and it all disappeared. This is THE bari mouthpiece. Nice modern sound with depth, color and flexibility. My bari feels like a big tenor with this piece, it feels a lot like my florida link on tenor if that makes sense, the same speed, flexibility and core, just with some lower notes. Keep an eye out for my other bari mouthpieces on the marketplace…” – dshook (SOTW Review)

“The mouthpiece is remarkably easy to play. Intonation was great through all the registers, and it has a smoothness of response and fluidity throughout the range of the horn and all the dynamic ranges that feels almost effortless. I felt while I was playing it almost as if I was playing a tenor on steroids, rather than a baritone. It has a full sound, but also some bite when pushed. If I was looking for a mouthpiece or was a mouthpiece collector, I would not hesitate to buy it. I think it is a remarkable and versatile piece that could sound great in almost any playing situation, particularly well suited to playing fast and tight.” – Tom Hall (SOTW Review)

“The Durga is a stunner to look at and clearly a superior piece of craftsmanship. To my surprise it was as near to effortless as bari playing gets. I was able to acclimate to the piece and setup instantly. It is a joy to play. I loved it. The response is smooth and even , it is not overly bright or edgy to my surprise. It is very versatile and feels like it could be made to work in pretty much any possible setting. It is very easy to understand the enthusiasm of guys like Brian and Tim. It is rare to get on a piece and feel as instantly comfortable as I did with this one especially as it is quite different from my own setup.” – Kritavi (SOTW Review)

“I got a Durga to try about two weeks ago, it was his “vintified” model about a .105 tip which is my favorite size. I’ve been “out there” gigging for well over 45 years many of them on the road with various bands Worldwide and more ghost bands than I can recall. When I opened the box and saw the beautiful packaging and meticulous maching, I was very impressed with it all. I put a new reed on and put it on my Yani 992. I couldn’t believe the ease with which it played and the sound was even stronger when needed than my custom made metal Lawton. I was so impressed with it that I practiced for about a half hour and took it on my gig that very night and got nothing but compliments from the tenor player next to me. The next day I tried it on my “backup” bari, a Yani/Vito stencil VSP and it sounded even stronger on the brass bari than on the bronze one. A keeper! I think it’s the best piece that I have ever used to this point. I’m using it in all venues I play in, shows, big band and blues band sections and it delivers what I need for all.”   Baribri NJ (SOTW Review)

“I was turned on to Theo Wanne mouthpieces by a friend who loaned me his GAIA tenor piece. I instantly fell in love with it, and after purchasing that one and playing it for a couple of months, I ended up getting GAIAs for my alto and soprano saxes as well. I love them for the sound and ease of playing – they’re never to difficult to play in any situation, providing just the right amount of edge and warmth to my sound. I was really thinking I wanted to get a GAIA for the bari sax, but since only the DURGA was available, I purchased one. I’m in love with it. It has the same ease of playing as the GAIA but with more bite. I was wanting more edge to my bari sound, and just didn’t know it until I experienced it. So happy with this mouthpiece! Thank you, Theo Wanne, for helping to make playing so enjoyable!!!” – Lincoln A.

“The DURGA Baritone mouthpiece has arrived, it’s fantastic! Full-bodied on the bass and sharp on the highs, very versatile, it can be sweet or bad at the choice of the player.” – Andrea Abbadia

“Everything I expected and more. I purchased the Durga 5 baritone mouthpiece, and while the pure aggression is super fun, im also still able to play softly if i need to. Sometimes i’ll accidentally squeak, but it’s only because I’m not yet used to the extremely high sensitivity of the piece. Altissimo and volume is unmatched. Tip: Search “Durga” on wikipedia; thats what it feels like to play with this mouthpiece. Pure power, it feels like a work of art!” – Luke Gnadinger

The DURGA baritone sax mouthpiece was everything I hoped for and more. The best bari sax mouthpiece on the market. You won’t be disappointed !” – John “jrsaxman” Granger


Playing my new theo wanne mouthpiece like wtf?!?! #sax #saxophone

♬ original sound – Leo P


Leo P Review

I absolutely love the DURGA baritone mouthpiece.  And the reason I love it, is because it has power, precision and control. When I play my shows I need a lot of volume and a lot of power, but I need to be able to control it because every great show should have moments that are soft, moments that are loud, and shows off the dynamic range of the instrument, and I feel that this mouthpiece does the best job of any other mouthpiece I have ever had.  Regarding precision, I feel that each note is super clean. I can articulate really powerfully, and really cleanly.  It plays perfect every time.  The altissimo is perfect and bright.  I absolutely love it.” – Leo P of Too Many Zooz (See video here!)


The DURGA 5 baritone enhances the expressive sound that the previous DURGA baritone mouthpieces are known for!  Creativity explodes out of this mouthpiece!!!


The DURGA 5 uses our new Small-Stadium-Chamber™  with an updated baffle design.   It is so versatile, it can be used for almost all types of music.  We are proud to say that Leo P (Too Many Zoos) , James King (Lady Gaga), Mark Douthit (Elton John, Billy Joel, Joe Bonamassa) and Jamie Michael Harris (Michael Jackson) use the DURGA!

“I absolutely love the DURGA baritone mouthpiece.  This mouthpiece does the best job of any other mouthpiece I have ever had.  It plays perfect every time.” – Leo P (Too Many Zooz)

There has never been a mouthpiece designed like the DURGA 5 baritone.   There are many ‘secrets’ in this new design;)  The DURGA mouthpiece is so freeing, and fun to play, you won’t want to put your horn down!

Also, if you have watched the legendary TV show ‘The Simpson’s‘, then you have heard the DURGA baritone mouthpiece.  Lisa Simpson’s solos are all recorded on the DURGA!

“The DURGA is incredible in every way. As a studio and jazz player I need to be very subtle at times and then I need to utterly explode. The DURGA definitely fills the bill. You have created the most amazing mouthpiece that incorporates so many wonderful musical possibilities. Congratulations on another masterpiece!” – Terry Harrington (Lisa Simpson’s Sax on The Simpsons for 20 years)



  • Versatile HUGE Sound appropriate for most types of music!
  • Effortlessly fills the room!
  • It is so unique; it really has to be played to be understood and believed.


  • Very unique design, with many ‘hard to see’ secrets
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


  • Plating: Reticulated 24K Gold plating on metal mouthpiece.
  • Premium Hard Rubber: The Hard Rubber DURGA 5 uses the finest vintage style hard rubber on the planet!
  • Ligature: The metal DURGA includes our integrated two-point contact 24K Gold Plated Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate. The Hard Rubber DURGA includes the Enlightened Ligature, rated #1 ligature in the world. To truly individualize your sound, try our premium Pressure Plates, which fit all of our mouthpieces and ligatures!
  • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! Like the case?  See our other Mouthpiece and Reed Cases here!
  • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.
  • Bite Pad: User Replaceable Bite Pads allow you to peel and stick on new bite pads.
  • California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

Gold, Hard Rubber


6* 0.095", 7* 0.105", 8* 0.115", 10 0.130"


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