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THE classic big & bright mouthpiece.

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The DURGA tenor has an even bigger, richer, contemporary sound. It is powerful and warm sounding simultaneously.   So it can scream and play amazing ballads.  No longer does the saxophonist need to have a thin sound in order to get huge power and projection.  The sound is just downright sexy!


Inverted Power Ring

Our feedback has been that the DURGA 4 does everything the DURGA 3 did, just better.   Indeed this was our intention, as the DURGA has become a classic in the saxophone world and we didn’t want to change the base sound signature. The secret to the DURGA 4 comes from Theo’s latest research and development, coming up with a newly designed baffle coupled with conical inner side walls and a special version of our True Large Chamber incorporating an Inverted-Power-Ring™. The Inverted Power Ring™ is set at the back of the chamber and works with the physics principle of ‘boundary layer effect’ much like a golf ball’s dimples. This allows the mouthpiece to get all the benefits of our True Large Chamber AND the extra power needed for contemporary playing.

No other mouthpiece in history has been designed like this; it will blow you away since it can both scream and play a soft ballad. It is so much fun to play! Its huge sound makes everything before it sound thin and/or stuffy by comparison.  Click on the video link here to listen!



“Playing the DURGA was like meeting a woman and saying, when I first kissed her I knew that was it!  She is the one!”  – Sir Waldo Weathers (James Brown for 15 Years)

The DURGA tenor is also being used on tour with Marcus Anderson (Prince), Adrian Crutchfield (Bette Midler), Tim Izo Orindgreff (Black Eyed Peas), Mark Douthit (Elton John) and by such Superstars such as Dino Saldo!  The DURGA 4 has evolved from the DURGA 1, 2 and 3 with more fullness and core to the sound, extending the dynamic range of your horn, and a greater sense of ‘freedom of expression’.


  • Great for Jazz, R&B, and Rock & Roll.
  • Projects a sensual tone that is flirtatious and erotic. It makes everyone want to dance!
  • It is so unique; it really has to be played to be understood and believed.


  • Radical proprietary Inverted-Power-Ring and our True Large Chamber! Rounded inner side walls all the way to the tip. Uniquely shaped long step baffle.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.


  • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! Like the case?  See our other Mouthpiece and Reed Cases here!
  • Serial Number: Includes serial number showing care given to your mouthpiece.
  • Plating: Reticulated 24K Gold plating with highlights on logo.
  • Ligature: The metal DURGA 3 includes our integrated two-point contact 24K Gold Plated Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate.  Try our premium Pressure Plates, which fit all of our mouthpieces and ligatures!.
  • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.
  • Bite Pad: User Replaceable Bite Pads allow you to peel and stick on new bite pads. Try our varying hardness bite pads to personalize the feel.
  • California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING

“I tried the DURGA tenor 8 and am hooked. Theo has truly reached epic proportions.” – Jimmy Haag (Dianna Ross,  Lou Rawls, Tommy Dorsey)

“Theo Wanne pieces give me a big sound but more importantly, it’s still MY SOUND.” – Adrian Crutchfield (Prince)

“When I first tried the DURGA I was simply blown away by the power and response of this beautifully crafted mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has incredible projection and presence but with the warmth and finesse that other ‘Super Power’ pieces out there lack. I would have no hesitation in saying, with its revolutionary and unique design, ease of playing in all registers including effortless harmonics and easy sub-tones make this the best tenor sax mouthpiece available today!” – Mike Parlett (Talented Productions Radio Host)

“The DURGA is the ultimate and most original metal mouthpiece of our era. The innovative design and love that Theo Wanne made this with is spellbinding. When I play this mouthpiece it’s like a path to true self-expression. It’s essence along with a flowing natural feel is sensual and soulfully ambient as well as soul-stirring. This is an inspiring addition to the collection of one-of-a-kind mouthpieces by Theo Wanne.” – Tim Price (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

“The DURGA is the Perfect mouthpiece for me! I absolutely Love the DURGA! It gives me a fat tone but I also get that “center” and clarity to my sound that I’ve been seeking for so long. I haven’t played a mouthpiece I believe gave me everything I needed, until now. Now I don’t have to fight the mouthpiece to compensate for what I feel is lacking in it. The DURGA has exactly what I need to help me get the sound I hear in my head. Theo’s attention to detail is unparalleled. Thanks again Theo!” – Keith McKelley (Earth Wind & Fire, Usher, David Mason)

“I was a doubter, I was convinced nothing could beat my Rovner Deep V for the music I play, aggressive, edgy rock and blues. I felt what was good for Clarence Clemons (whose sound and style I’ve tried to emulate) was good enough for me.  But, then I got the DURGA and played it, and it has much more character and depth in the sound.  The DURGA made my Deep V sounded thin and ‘nasal’ in comparison. The DURGA can also play soft and mellow – not so with the Deep V. And, jumping to, holding and growling upper register and altissimo notes is a breeze with the DURGA, which is sometimes is a challenge with the Deep V. So, my Deep V becomes my practice piece while the DURGA is now reserved for gigs. This is a truly remarkable product! Thank you!  Do rock & rollers know just how good this thing is for aggressive blues and rock playing? When I go to your website I get the impression that Wanne’s are for jazz and “tradtional” playing – the sound clips are all dark sounding and fast fingering riffs.”  – Ace Barton (Bobby Vee, The Champs “Tequila fame”)

“I am playing on both the tenor and baritone DURGA mouthpieces which are incredible in every way. The DURGA mouthpieces remain my favorite because of the versatility and the tremendous dynamics that are possible with them. As a studio and jazz player I need to be very subtle at times and then I need to utterly explode. The DURGA definitely fills the bill. Once again, you have created the most amazing mouthpiece that incorporates so many wonderful musical possibilities. Congratulations on another masterpiece!” -Terry Harrington (Lisa Simpson’s Sax on The Simpsons for 20 years)

The DURGA is like finding a beautiful women beyond compare and then finding out she’s a great cook and the best friend you ever had.  I hope my wife won’t be jealous!” – Mike McGlynn

“Wow, I’ve been playing all day and I’m not tired.  With my other mouthpieces I just had to work way too hard, and believe me, I’m talking about some other high end pieces. It’s all there with this DURGA! Congratulations on making the best mouthpieces in the world!  Just one thing, will I ever want to put the sax down?”  – Howard Isaacson

“I never played on a mouthpiece that fits me so well. It feels like coming home to mama after a trip around the world with one leg.  I always had a hard time finding the right mouthpiece.  But with your totally unique mouthpiece there are no limits.  Playing Funk, Jazz, pop or whatever is a whole new trip with this mouthpiece.  The greatest thing is I get big fat tone all the time even with a high baffle!  I really wonder how you did it. You are a genius Theo!” – Frank D.

“I’ve been a professional sax player since the mid 70’s and I have used Links, Dukoff’s and most of the current boutique mouthpieces around.  Theo’s pieces really do make a difference.  The highs are brighter and the lows are huge. The altissimo just pops. I’m getting double G, G# and A with ease. When I push my jaw out and blow real hard for rock the DURGA is right there with me.  It has lots of overtones and color, and an interesting, pleasing sound that really fills a room.  Unbelievable!!! It is definitely worth the money.  – Frank E.

“I just bought a DURGA from your new dealer Mac Sax (Mike Crouch) in Austin, Texas. I have been playing for 30 years and am ABSOLUTELY blown away by it!  It has a great tone, is very responsive, and almost plays itself… simply a brilliant piece of work.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”    Shon

“I have a drawer full of mouthpieces from over the years, however, my sound has never been so good. From top to bottom, my DURGA 8 is full, rich, lush and powerful.  It makes me proud to hear my sound now.  It is hard to imagine a MP being made of better quality, look and feel.  Nothing was spared in design. If I had previously known your MP’s were so good, I wouldn’t have wasted money on other mouthpieces that miss the mark.  Also, my pet peeve has always been ligatures. Yours exceeds anything I’ve ever seen. I hate adjusting my MP and then having to re-adjust the reed as the ligature did not hold it firmly in place. That is no longer a problem.” – Bob P

“The DURGA is Fantastic!!  I can’t put it down.  What an awesome mouthpiece!!  You never cease to amaze me.  I will definitely use this mouthpiece on my next CD!  A true masterful piece of work.” – Keyan Williams

“I was in the beginning a bit skeptical about the possibility of a mouthpiece being better than my Guardala MB II handmade…, well I must say that I was in all way wrong….I was really,  really surprised about the ease and the roundness and the projection of the DURGA.   Well Theo, thanks for everything.  You continue to give so much happiness to musicians…..”  –  Mario Lafresier

“The Durga has given me a bigger and fatter sound, it cuts through really well and is still comfortable for my chops.  I love it.” – Hasan Mian

“I love the Theo Wanne Durga, it is the best mouthpiece in the world!” – Enelruy Lira

“The Durga Tenor metal 8 is a very versatile mouthpiece. It gives me the brightness and projection that I need, and it gives me control in the warmth without being too harsh or gritty in my sound.” – Antoine Night

 “Ever since I became one of your artist endorsers my music took a 360 degree turn for the Best! Your mouthpieces have inspired me and put in place a level of confidence which I just never had.” – Enrico Galante

“Theo Wanne , you are a true Genius! I´m playing a Durga on tenor and a Mantra on my soprano – absolutely amazed by your work! Thank you!” – Edson Morais

“Theo, you have revolutionized my sax playing with your mouthpieces. I bought a Durga 9 for my tenor (113xxx Mark VI)… Sounds like a perfect VI with a wonderful mouthpiece… Nice edge, very complex tonality…The magic happened when I bought another Durga, this time a 7 for my 2005 Selmer reference 54 matte finish. I have despised the tone of that horn since I bought it because I bought strictly for classical playing (was a sax major at one time) since then, I’ve tried numerous setups to try to give it some balls… Nothing worked… Until I got the Durga! That mouthpiece has unlocked the horn!!!!!!!! It sounds like a proper saxophone now… Very close to a VI. YOU are the man! Love your pieces!”

“I am still really surprised by the Durga 2  I received two weeks ago here in Germany (an playing it on a number of gigs and sessions since that….) — this is really a unusual mouthpiece with a huge range of sounds not only on the egdgy side — and it plays extremely well… and is very flexible soundwise.”

“I’ve been playing on the Durga for several years and have taken it on world tours as Music Ambassador and I have played it as a grinding working musician at tiny little clubs…it delivers on tone and projection every time.I love the energy and vibe of the company. Namaste!” – Ulises Bella (Ozomatli)

“For years I’ve been searching for a tone that I finally feel like I’ve found, thanks to Theo’s Durga 2 mouthpiece, my tone is rich, fat, slightly breathy, and a mouthpiece, which has effortless altissimo and overtones, great projection, immediate response. The search is over. Thank you Theo!!” – Alisha Pattillo (Alisha’s Quartet)

“I just want to pass on my sincere thanks for the hard work, obviously many years going into the quality we are now seeing (and HEARING) in your mouthpieces. I’m just so blown away. After 20 years of playing, this is the sound I’ve always wanted.  I’m telling all the horn players about your products because this mouthpiece is just next level.” – Dan Bray

“After play testing the Slant Sig and Durga against several other mouthpieces, I decided I am keeping both Theos 🙂 They were both head and shoulders above all the others in projection as well as clarity and response!!! Thanks for the great mouthpieces and great customer service !!” – Shan Teixeira


JazzTimes – Gearhead ( – Paul Harr 

Jazz Times Paul Haar “Where each piece has a different character, they all play with tremendous ease. Attacks are effortless and the scale is even and full. The profile is neither thin nor thick. Those used to playing hard rubber or vintage will feel right at home.   After playing the entire line I found each mouthpiece gave me a different option. These mouthpieces are akin to a violinist choosing a custom bow or a pianist choosing an American or German Steinway. They don’t make an artist—they simply make the artist better.”  Click Picture or here for full review.

“A must buy! I purchased the Durga 9 in September of 2013. I used to pay on a Peter Ponzol M2 .90 for years. I just wanted another MP with a little more kick. From the first note I played on the Durga I fell in love with the sound and power. The Durga has a nice bright (Not too bright/thin), full, and refined sound to it. I use Bari Star Synthetic reed (Soft). This setup gives me a nice edge. When I want to bring down the edge a little, I use a Fibercell (3). If you think this MP is a little on the expensive side, don’t worry it is well worth the price tag. I have the control I have always wanted plus the power. I have never had any problems with the Durga 9. The Durga is an AWESOME MP!!!” – Monty (WWBW Review)