Bite Pad: 6 Pack




With our proprietary design, simply peel off the old bite pad on any Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces, and replace with a new one.

Bite Pad sets come in a 6-pack, and two different sizes to fit all Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces:

  • Standard Size: Baritone, Tenor & Alto
  • Small Size: Soprano and Clarinet

In Standard Size, you can also select either our Standard Density, which is what comes standard on all Theo Wanne mouthpieces, or the Hard Density.   Hard Density is the same density as the hard rubber itself, for a firmer feel.


  1. Makes it more comfortable to play, as vibrations do not transfer directly to your teeth.
  2. Premium Theo Wanne™ material; Very High Quality
  3. Your teeth do not slide but stay in place on the beak of the mouthpiece.
  4. Our proprietary design also is intelligently shaped, to cover where your teeth actually are.

This is the same bite pad supplied with Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces.

“I love the Theo Wanne bite pads.   They are the perfect density, and inset into the mouthpiece so that my mouth doesn’t have to feel ridges like when just putting a bite pad on other mouthpieces.   Well done!” – Jim

“I love Theo’s mouthpieces! I just ordered a new set of mouthpiece cushions for them on my last order to keep from marking them with my slightly jagged front left tooth. It’s nice to have cushions that match the mouthpiece inlays perfectly – I used to have to custom cut the generic ones I used to work on various pieces. I find Theo’s mouthpieces to have a huge warm sound (even the Shiva which can be loud and bright) with lots of presence and enough edge to sound however you want – modern, classic, dark, bright, but always full and with warmth and core. What you get out of them just depends on your reed selection and strength and how much you lay into them when you’re playing. I’ve owned and played a lot of mouthpieces over the years, but I’ve never found anything that is as fun to play and that gives me all of the things I want in my sound with such consistency and ease. I have my eye on a few other Theo Wanne pieces that I hope to try in the near future… Kudos for great products!” – Reggie Murray