The reliability of Edubirdie as an academic writing service is a matter of debate. While the platform has been used by many students successfully, there have also been reports of issues such as late deliveries, poor quality work, and even plagiarism.

It is important for students to exercise caution when using EduBirdie and other similar services. It is advisable to carefully read reviews and feedback from previous customers before making a decision, as well as to communicate clearly with the writer assigned to the project to ensure that the expectations are understood and met.

Ultimately, the reliability of Edubirdie will depend on the individual experience of each student and the specific writer assigned to their project. It is important to use such services with caution and ensure that the work received is of high quality and meets academic standards.

Edubirdie Reddit review:
I used Edubirdie for a literature review and was disappointed with the quality of the work. The writer clearly didn’t understand the topic and the paper was filled with irrelevant information. I would not recommend this service for complex assignments. 

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