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Constant Improvement Theo is always improving his product.  Just like an iPhone, which has evolved from iPhone 4, to 5, to 6, and 7.  Or how cars, computers, skis, boats, stereos, and bicycles are constantly improving. Theo has the expertise and knowledge to continually improve his products. Standing on the shoulders of the Greats Theo […]

Leading Technology

Manufacturing EXACTLY as Designed Theo’s makes his mouthpieces EXACTLY to his design specifications, not just ‘close’. As an expert in mouthpiece design, Theo needs his mouthpieces manufactured EXACTLY like his designs!  This is why Theo has invested so heavily in manufacturing technology.   His office is in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, where Boeing and […]

Foremost Expert

Master Mouthpiece Refacer Theo Wanne is the foremost expert on vintage and new mouthpiece design.  Theo is one of the few living mouthpiece refacing masters.   Mouthpiece Refacing is the art of modifying a saxophone mouthpiece to get a desired effect.    Any musician can hand Theo his or her mouthpiece, tell him their desired sound, and […]