"The Shiva and Durga are game changer Mouthpieces! Practicing is fun again!"


Since first trying out a Theo Wanne Mouthpiece it was like night at day. I have been searching for a mouthpiece that allows me to play up in the stratosphere (aka the altissimo range) with ease. Searching for a mouthpiece that will allow me to "push it to 12 when I need to and not have the sound crack on me. Searching for a mouthpiece that has a wide palette of colours, yet allows me to sound like me. Theo Wanne's mouthpiece do all that a much more for me! I love my Shiva, Durga & Abair Sinature Mouthpieces!


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada (aka the 6ix) Sean McKinnon is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Starting on the Sax at age 12 he quickly fell in love with the instrument. First being shown John Coltrane’s Ballads album and loving the buzz in his sound Sean wanted more. He soon found King Curtis and Jr. Walker who would become his biggest early influences. Sean was fortunate to go to an Arts High school and it was there that he discovered both his love for Jazz and for Funk music. His Jazz teacher and long time mentor and friend John Pagnotta introduced him to Michael Brecker. It was after being shown Brecker that Sean at age 14 decided he seriously wanted to pursue a life playing the Saxophone. During the eleventh grade Sean won a scholarship to Canada’s premiere Jazz school, Humber College. The next four years he became a music sponge just soaking all the different music in a learning to adapt to many different musical situations. Sean completed his Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Jazz Performance.

Having grown up with two musicians for parents Sean’s musical world ranges from Jazz, Classical, Funk, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, & his personal favourite to play Gospel. Sean has played with Jazz Legends Barry Harris and Charles McPherson on several occasions. He plays for James Valdez & Neovintage, the Klassics, The Groove Merchants, Sam Louis and many others in Toronto. He currently leads his own Pop Funk/Jazz Group & his own Gospel group called Revival. Both of his groups are working at finalizing their full albums. Sean’s main influences as a Saxophonist are Michael Brecker, Lenny Pickett, Kirk Whalum, King Curtis, and Stanley Turrentine.

On top of playing Sean is an active Music educator and adjudicator. He teaches private Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Piano lessons. He adjudicates competitions and works at sharing his passion for music.

Sean’s Saxophone sound and approach has been described as being very vocal and emotional. He strives to evoke passion through his playing. Fellow Canadian Saxophonist Colleen Allen has said on several occasions regarding Sean’s playing “Lenny Pickett is in the house!”

Currently Sean Leads his two bands, both of which are working at completely their first albums. Sean is also working at completely his Classical ARCT diploma.

Bookings & Contact seansaxmck@gmail.com
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James Valdez - Fool's Paradise - 2016


Q:describe the feeling when your music is working perfectly
A:When my music is working perfectly it is when I am at ease and one with the music. The audience comes along with us for the ride and the camaraderie between myself and the other musicians is like one unit.


  • Humber College, Toronto




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