Ryan Raziano

– BB King All-Stars
“My Durga encompasses all of the tonal aspects I’m looking for in a mouthpiece, and delivers me closer to the sound I’ve been chasing in my head.”


With the Durga, there’s brilliance with warmth, focus with breadth, and even sweetness with power that I need. Theo has developed a mouthpiece line varied enough that I think can meet the needs of most everybody’s tonal concepts.


Ryan Raziano is an in demand multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music arranger from the southern Mississippi area. His adaptability of many styles has enabled him to perform a wide range of genres with artists such as Cassandra Wilson, The Mississippi Gospel Choir, Benjamin Wright, the Mobile Symphony Orchestra, and many others. He has co-founded numerous groups, including jazz/gospel fusion group Friends Fly South (originally Rayziano & Friends). As a classical saxophonist, he was also a member of the award-winning Krang Saxophone Quartet. Raziano’s first saxophone instruction began in high school with local sax legend Jerry Ball. He then received his Bachelor of Jazz Studies degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he studied with Larry Panella and Dr. Lawrence Gwozdz. He continued at Southern Miss to study Music Theory on the Master’s level, where he met and studied with renowned composer Luigi Zaninelli. Raziano can be heard on the Rayziano & Friends album Start of Something New. He is currently playing with Friends Fly South and the B.B. King All-Stars, based out of Memphis, Tennessee.
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Rayziano & Friends “Start of Something New” –

The 86 Olympics “The 86 Olympics” –

Chad Everett Mundt “Quantum Karma” –


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:Fortunately in this world there are so many activities and variations on those activities that people can do that appeals to their desire to be creative. My chosen outlet was revealed to me as being music. My experience when REALLY connected to music is that of complete immersion, submission, meditation, and inspiration. Experiencing this nature of music, even just once, is enough to hook you for life. Every time I experience this connection I want to dig, search, and wander farther and farther into the possibilities available for me.


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