Rick Mendes

“Theo Wanne really helped me to find and improve my sound.”


I Love theo’s Gaia 2 Hard Rubber for Tenor sax. I used to play with Theo’s Brahma, but the Gaia 2 gives me more power and control with and amazing and robust sound. I also use Theo wanne Gaia for both Soprano and Alto Sax.


Rick Mendes is a Brazilian saxophonist that performs with electronic music. Resident in São Paulo capital he currently plays with the band YEX. He began his musical studies in a Martial Band of his School, playing Flugel an than a few years playing Bombardino. He started to play saxophone when he was 15 and soon began playing in several bands as a free-lancer. He joined the Black Tie Band (2001/2006 – Pop Rock and electronic) while he was on Law school. During this period he shared the stage with some important bands of the Brazilian scene as: O Rappa, Pitty, Detonautas, Cathedral, Maskavo, Velhas Virgens among many others. Had classes with saxophonists as Idriss Boudrioua, Mané Silveira, the American Phil Moore (in festivals), workshop with Leo Gandelman and a transverse flute with Antonio Carlos Carrasqueira. Today he also has harmony and improvisation classes with Wagner Barbosa. He also took courses in Audio and Technology and always dedicated himself in this area of ​​music production and mixing. Rick was one of the members of the band SPYZER 2006/2014, in which they created an innovative electronic music show with different instruments. Rick designed and built the “Grande Pan, an instrument formed by PVC pipes, used to generate bass lines (inspired by the Blue Man Group and Uakti). Also incorporated in the band the Didgeridoo, an Australian aboriginal instrument, the Glass Marimba, an instrument of beautiful sound besides the Saxophone and the transverse flute. With Spyzer they released the album “I Feel so Free” in addition to other Eps with the hit “I Fell So Free” incorporated in more than 30 CDs in Brazil and outside. They received the Young Brazilian Prize as ”Revelation” and the Dj Sound Awards as Hit of the Year with the song “Hey You”. They were part of the label Ultra Records and had their main performances in the programs Altas Horas and Programa do Jô in Globo TV. In 2014 Rick started a new band called YEX (Your Electronic Xperience), in which he has an extensive schedule of shows throughout the Brazil. The group mixes electronic music with a trio of violins, DJ / VJ and an unusual percussion. www.yexmusic.com
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Spyzer – I Feel so Free – 2008

Spyzer – Hey You – 2010


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:For me Music is about sharing your feelings and vibration and getting this energy back from the audience.






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