Ric Wood

– Bursledon Jazz Band & Sphere Quartet
“Energy? Dynamisim? Spirit? Yup. I Love Theo Wanne”


Damn. Theo Wanne. I love Theo Wanne. For me, I’d never heard about Theo Wanne products until I really heard about them. It was an overnight epiphany (years ago now) whereby I recognised them as amongst the greats instantly. Their saxophones, their mouthpieces – it all sounded so good. I missed out on the Mantra tenor 2011 model in the UK, as all were sold out and I was devastated, so I kept my ear open. Over the years following this I started playing on the Mindi Abair 6* alto mouthpiece and loved it. It’s fiery and dynamic and sounds like my kids on Christmas day. To me, I want that in my sound, not because I piece that can do it for me, no. Because that’s how I play naturally – with pure energy. Theo Wanne amplify my own unique sound, and I love them for it. Luck came my way and I bought the Mantra tenor saxophone updated version in early 2016 which came with the Mantra 7* tenor mouthpiece. It was the last of these saxes in the UK and I had to hunt it down. The reason? I’d heard them played. To me, that’s everything – the sound. Whether it’s a player, a mouthpiece, a saxophone – just listen. Whatever it sounds like is all that matters. Nowadays, for years now, my set pieces for jazz, funk, contemporary, improvisation, blues, pop, RnB – (it does it all!), is my Theo Wanne Mantra 7* tenor sax piece and my Mini Abair 6* alto sax piece. These are my mouthpieces as standard. Why? Because they sing. Like golden rain. They fly into altissimo, they growl like a lion and damn, can they put fireworks down a saxophone. This 2018, I’ll be changing my Mindi Abair (although I won’t part with this beauty), for the new Alto Sax Elements mouthpieces. A mouthpiece entitled fire? Theo Wanne just keep innovating, and each time they do, I feel selfish, as each new mouthpiece feels more fitted to my own playing. It’s like they’re engineering these beauties for me alone. The thing is, I’ve heard many a player say the same. Theo Wanne are not only here to stay, they’re demonstrating why, once you’ve heard the sound, once you’ve play tested them, why, artists such as myself use them constantly. A consistent explosive and expressive sound. I’m stoked for the Alto sax elements series coming in 2018 and I’ll be proud to say I’ll be one of their artists declaring these pieces supreme. Will I collect them all? Hell yeah. Should you? Yup.


After having a choice of flute, clarinet or saxophone from urging parents as a young child in Primary school, Ric chose the saxophone not knowing that music would soon become his life. At only twenty one years of age, Ric studied his BMus (Hons) at The University of Huddersfield graduating as the most able and concentrated jazz player. Ric is now a professional multi-instrumentalist and even had a scholarship at university on double bass. He now plays all primary woodwind instruments (and others!!) to professional level and is constantly striving to push his performance with his success in his musical activities reflecting this dedication and love to music. Recording/Videos/Album: Ric is currently recording demo after demo with a full release for his first solo album (World Ashore) coming Winter 2018. This is the year of videos and recordings for Ric, with a new Youtube channel now launched and weekly recordings being added, all alongside the album of course. Charity work: Ric hires instruments and repairs them, and more than this, runs a project whereby free instruments are handed out to underprivileged children across Hampshire to help facilitate their start on an amazing musical journey. Everyone has the right to music and Ric is helping in any way he can. His plan is for this to become a full charity come 2018. Charity work is a large part of Ric’s focus for his jazz band and he aims for this to increase throughout 2018. Performances & Conducting: Public performances are a large part of Ric’s career whether playing in his funk band, at weddings, leading contemporary worship at his local church, or conducting his jazz band (Bursledon Jazz Band). Ric heads up a woodwind quartet and hopes to give be recording tracks here soon also. Teaching: Ric teaches privately and having worked in schools previously and being fully booked consistently, is highly successful, whether people learn for fun or for examinations. This year will see Ric’s private music school form, as a centre for people to learn many instruments, all based in one location, with multiple tutors working for and alongside him. Exciting times indeed. Composing: Ric is an avid composer creating exciting original pieces for his jazz band, students and himself to perform. With many works to his name Ric is increasing in output presently, with many compositions and works coming to fruition in jazz, minimalism and contemporary forms. 2018 is hopefully the year whereby Ric will start to list some of these compositions together as books and release them to the public.
More About Ric Wood


World Ashore – 2018


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:Music is art. You learn, improve and perfect your craft, then you create art. To me, there’s nothing I’d rather do.


  • University of Huddersfield (BMus Hons)




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