Nelson Garcia

– Sandoval Band
“Theo has become the world’s most successful mouthpiece maker. Since day 1 my MANTRA has been my mouthpiece of choice. I love it and she loves me.”


Theo Wanne has been a gift for all saxophone players. His ability to create mouthpieces that play so wonderful and with such ease make them the top mouthpieces in the world. Every mouthpiece is designed carefully and well thought out. We are passionate about them because he is… That’s a beautiful thing.


Nelson Garcia is a saxophonist & recording artist. Genres include gospel jazz, smooth jazz , R&B POP and Funk music. He has been playing saxophone since the age of 15. Growing up in Moca , Puerto Rico where he took saxophone lessons with Julio Vasquez. While in P.R., he participated in various events with his local high school band winning two nominations in the Band of Honor orchestra with the San German Puerto Rico for “Outstanding musicianship”. This event took place in the Inter American University in San German P.R. In 2009, Nelson released his first solo CD album titled “El Poder de tu Amor” which gained a recognition in the US and sold over 4,000 copies in 2 years. He has participated in events in New York “Something Jazz Club” , Hartford Jazz festival 2017 line up and many others. Nelson just released his second CD titled “Time to Worship”. This 9 song album is a mix and blend of Latin jazz, POP, Funk, Easy listening and other Latin genres. He continues to hone his skills via private saxophone lessons with Walter Beasley, Keyan Williams, DR.Chris Mickel, Antonio Luis Ortas( Puerto Rico), Juan Alzate( Mexico) and Jon Blanck .He proudly endorses Kim saxophones, Theo Wanne Mouthpieces and Marca reeds. Nelson is currently working on producing his 3rd CD which will be a live recording here in CT. He travels extensively doing music. Nelson can be reached at 203-314-7811 or nelthesax@gmail.com​. Management at Vas records LLC with Moises Vasquez at info@vasrecords.com​ or 1-718-6733931.
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El Poder de tu Amor – 2009

Time to Worship – 2014

New Horizons – 2018


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:Music is what i breath for, my soul and heart are in every note i play. I don’t feel intimidated, i just feel connected and complete. Without music, i wouldn’t be me. It allows me to share my God given gift, to live , smile and love. What a beautiful thing


  • Berklee College of Music





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