Lucia Sarmiento

– Pitbull
“Theo’s craftsmanship is amazing. I love my Slant Sig 2.”


My Theo Wanne mouthpieces gives me the big, beautiful tenor sound that I used to hear in my saxophone heroes such as Brecker or Potter, and that I always wished to attain. Thanks to it’s versatility I can play it in all sorts of different circumstances and styles, such as jazz, pop, funk, brass band, etc.


Lucia Sarmiento is a young Peruvian Saxophonist breaking through the music scene with a huge sound and effervescent personality. Growing up in South America and living in the US for the past 9 years, Lucia has been exposed to a broad variety of rhythms and styles of music, but her passion has always been jazz and 80’s fusion. Her music is the expression of a diverse musical upbringing, fused with her own sensibility for angular, yet beautiful melodies. Currently Lucia Sarmiento tours with international pop star Pitbull, has a single out called “Escape” and is working on her debut full length album.
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Escape – 2020

Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – Open World – 2021


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:This doesn’t happen every time I play music, but the chance that it might is a determining factor in why I keep doing it so fervently. The moment I close my eyes, time and space disappear and my saxophone plays itself. I have reached the state of utmost connection.


  • McNally Smith College of Music





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