"The Shiva is perfect for me!"


I feel a special connection with Theo's work as a person who appreciates obsessive attention to detail! Theo's work helps me find the way I want to sound much easier and that makes all the difference in the world!


Keith McKelley has had a wide and varied career as a saxophonist and EWI (electronic wind instrument) musician but also produces and writes his own material with the occasional collaboration with other writers and producers to create music that is at a high level, will last, and that is absolutely heartfelt.

Originally from Canton Ohio, Keith has been able to incorporate various forms of music to create his own signature sound and is quite evident when you take the time to hear his playing. Since his move to LA in August of 2013 he has been steadily working his way up the ladder while becoming an integral part of the LA scene. Due to hard work and perseverance he has been fortunate enough and had the honor to work with:

Kenneth “babyface” Edmonds
David Foster
Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind , And fire
Bob James
Harvey Mason
Raphael Saadiq
Mary J. Blige
Andrew Gouche
Bill ‘The Budda” Dickens
Angela Bofill
Micki Howard
Marcus Johnson
Marc de Clive -Lowe
And the list continues to grow


Keith McKelley (self titled)
Eclectic Christmas

Keith Plans to keep pushing his vision of new music, always setting the bar high. The operative word is “energy”. There always has to be 110% poured into every little bit of music no matter what the situation. This is more than just something he does. He lives it. The idea is to work with high quality artists and and put out high quality, classic work that will surely contribute to the ever changing landscape of music in this world.
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Solange Knowles: A Seat at the Table -

Jhené Aiko: Trip -

Gin Wigmore: Ivory -


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:I feel a sense of purpose.






Cold Duck Time