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– Justin Chart & The Colorstorm
“The GAIA 4 has taken my playing to new Heights!!!”


Theo Wanne’s GAIA 4 is a Charismatic mouthpiece that has taken my playing to new Heights!!! When I listen to all my favorite recordings of Saxophone players, my sound is in front of the band like a vocalist would be, and my Gaia 4 has a great presence to let all hear all the nuances in and of the sound. The result is the Lush combination of a powerful core sound, with an instant attack and full projection. There is something very exciting about the Gaia 4, It has an incredible amount of flexibility that just can’t be beat. Throughout the years of hunting, I have found one that has a perfect balance in all aspects of what todays player needs in a mouthpiece. It is a compelling mouthpiece for the future and beyond! and not some guys copy of an old classic, the GAIA 4 is destined to be come a Classic. Just thinking about the SHARK GILL BAFFLE ignites the fire within me! This mouthpiece is both powerful and what I would call Commanding!! The Large Stadium Chamber provides a free and projecting sound and gives it plenty of power to project without losing the warmth of the tonal center.


Justin, a Trailblazer of the Modern West Coast Free-Jazz Sound, has a unique edge, the vibe is instantly seductive and familiar, he is known in West Coast Jazz circles as “The Blizzard”. Because of his explosive playing and intricate compositional changes. With a harmonic edge deeply rooted in the jazz lineage, musical expressions stand out as distinctly modern in color and style. A Saxophonist, composer, producer, and vocalist, Justin Chart likes to play by his own rules. He’s a visionary who has learned to listen to inner voice. Steeped in tradition and grounded in the lessons learned from Life, Justin is not afraid to push himself and his art forward. A true Renaissance man reaffirms this credo on his 6th album as a leader and an Innovator. His band’s previous release COLORSTORM is in the iTunes top 10 releases of 2020. As a composer and producer, Justin has amassed a number of credits, which include composing music for feature films Full Metal Jacket, Born To Race, The Hitman, The House, and Speed Zone. Music for TV shows include Brothers, Take it To The Top, Neighbors, Buck, and Robin Hood for PBS. He is a highly praised soloist in Los Angeles, rooted in Jazz and Rock, with a musical career that has spanned over four decades, featuring performances and recordings throughout the world. He has amassed well over 11 MILLION Viewers on YouTube. Justin has performed and/or toured with members of The Pet Shop Boys, Electric Ave, Nancy Sinatra, Material Issue, Jellyfish, Emerald, Johnny Rivers, The Grass Roots, Paul Revere and The Raiders, and The Thrills. His newest project COLORSTORM has been all the buzz. Justin Chart & COLORSTORM are an unquenchable Force of Energy and Nature that is forever changing and Reaching out from within. He is constantly creating opportunities for musicians World Wide to paint a Sound-scape, that can only happen with the connection of open minds and open hearts. As of last month COLORSTORM has generated over 750,000 Viewers on YouTube.
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The Scarlet Jazz Room – 2022


Q:What do you feel when you’re really connected to your music?
A:Giving all who listen the sound that is my soul to create a vibration and self interpretation in the moment, never to be heard in the same way again. Painting a Soundscape. That can only happen with the connection of open minds and open hearts. Playing without constructs, I am able to share right here, and right now with you. My creations, a Spark of nature enables luminous artists to shine and bring the listener a sound of my Soul.


  • University of The Performing Arts , London England





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