Gianluca Gibbons

“The Durga #8 is my drug of choice”


The Durga #8 is my drug of choice. Beyond enhancing my tone, it has revolutionized my approach to creating and manipulating sound on the horn. I have been playing on a Theo Wanne Durga #8 alto mouthpiece for 4+ years and it has literally changed my life. I have tested out many other mouthpieces but this one is hands down the best mouthpiece I have ever used. I love the tone I am able to get from it and the control is amazing. I can go from a dark smooth sound to an explosive edgy sound in seconds, with little to no effort. It’s such a versatile mouthpiece and really makes my work easy as a player.


Defined by his edgy tone and passion driven melodies, Bermudian recording artist Gianluca Gibbons pioneers an avant-garde sound that captivates audiences while painting vivid imagery through music. As he creates, the Los Angeles based musician combines his love for music and fashion. Having performed and lived around the world, from South Africa to Spain, to studying Jazz in Cuba, Gianluca has been able to draw from many cultures and experiences while developing his sound and style. He’s shared the stage with greats such as Wyclef Jean, Nico & Vinz, Natasha Bedingfield and more! He recently closed an independent music deal with his hand HEЯITAGE™, and is creating music for 2018 world-wide release.
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Shades of Me – 2017

Sabre – “Company” – 2018

Turbo T. Double – “Insomniac” – 2013


Q:What is your internal experience when you are really connected to the music?
A:Music is the language the soul speaks. Words can be so limiting, but melodies tell it all. If you listen hard enough, you will find all the secrets of this world are locked within melodies.


  • BMus – La Sierra University




Shades of Me

Summertime Again – Remix


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