"Theo and his team makes pieces that become part of my body. It doesn't get much more personal!"


My Gaia 2 has perfectly fused the sound of yesteryear with the physical demands of today.
I cannot say enough about my personalized tárogató mouthpiece. It gives the horn it's true voice , a voice that has never been spoken until now.


Dino is a Californian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has released nearly a dozen albums under his name. He lives in LA and in Germany with his wife and 3 kids.
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Strange and Beautiful - 2000

Thread - 2003

Balance - 2007

Closer Away - 2008

Hotel Suites - 2009

Notes from the Ground - 2010

Human - 2012

Portrait #10 - 2013


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:Though performing is one where the artist is separated from the audience, I feel the best way to find the inherent unity through music is to always concentrate on the song and what the emotional message is. This is where the true magic happens. When it's "happening" we lose ourselves on whether we are the performer or the listener.


  • Fullerton College