Daniel Deltchev

– The Feelgood Orchestra
“The GAIA was a game changer for me. It makes me sound and play at my best!”


Theo Wanne offers the highest quality of craftsmanship there is and he has succeeded in designing a mouthpiece for any type of player. I play my favorite, the GAIA, on both tenor and soprano and they give a timeless Otto Link-like sound, but playing easier, staying better in tune, sounding fantastic through the whole register and still being able to open up and scream when being pushed! And with the GAIA 4, my sound has evolved to a totally new level. I have never connected with a mouthpiece in this way. I feel that I can make the mouthpiece respond with all kinds of nuances in such an effortless way that I focus more on the moment and being immersed in the musical performance, rather than fighting the mouthpiece to answer to my playing. Thank you Theo for creating these pieces that help us get the sound we are chasing!


Daniel Deltchev is an active, Oslo-based multi-instrumentalist from Norway, with saxophones and guitars as his main instruments. He has studied pedagogics, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Popular Music, and a Master’s Degree in Musicology. Since moving to Oslo in 2014, he has been active in the pulsating musical environment in the city, having played everything from pop, rock, country, fusion, jazz-metal, Progressive rock/metal, Bulgarian folk music, reggae, funk and soul. His biggest projects as of today includes playing saxophone in the 9-piece event/function-band “The Feelgood Orchestra”, which acted as the house-band of Norwegian prime-time talkshow «Stian Blipp Show» at TV2 in 2018 and is still doing television-gigs and big events both domestic and abroad. They are regularly backing some of the most famous artists in Norway. He played sax and guitar in the soul band “Dark Roast”, a Norwegian soul band, signed with famous record label “Jazzland”, having released their debut album First Brew (2018), Make It a Double (double single) (2019), released their second album “Going Back, Moving up!” in May 2021. He is also doing session work for other artists on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones as well as acoustic, electric and pedal-steel guitars.
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Azfalt: Mammut – 2022

Azfalt: Elg – 2021

Azfalt: Døråtte – 2018

The Aspect Project: 100 – 2020

Karin Melón: Lola & Lolo – 2020

Geigerteller: Modulove – 2020

Dark Roast: Going Back, Moving Up! – 2021

Dark Roast: Make It a Double – 2019


Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:When I’m truly immersed in the music, everything comes so naturally. It’s an euphoric state where everything is in its right place and all the musicians are building each other up, creating an unity that unlocks a new musical level. The crowd feels it, we feel it, and it creates those unique moments. When I connect with the music on a high level, time stops and the moment kind of lasts forever, and at the same time, there are so many things happening so fast. It makes me forget about my critical side and takes my playing to a place where it almost feels as natural as breathing.


  • Popular Music at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Pedagogics at the University of South-eastern Norway and Musicology at the University of Oslo.





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