Antoine Knight

“This Mouthpiece is AMAZING.”


The Theo Wanne mouthpiece is very consistent, reliable, and easy to play right out of the box. The response is amazing and you have excellent control and projection on the stage. I’ve noticed on those long 3hr gigs, you don’t have to work hard playing, especially with the sound of your tone. When it comes to performing on the big stage, you better have an answer. I have a motto, ” your tone is everything.” For years, l wasn’t happy with my alto sound on the saxophone. It was very frustrating, and was contemplating leaving the alto saxophone and just sticking with my tenor until a fellow musician recommended that I play on the “Earth” mouthpiece by Theo Wanne. I love the projection with an excellent, bright sound that is not harsh and brassy. This mouthpiece gives confidence and full enjoyment as a professional performer. It has genuinely been an honor to be a member of such an elite family.


After being away from the jazz scene for nearly two years, Antoine Knight is back with his new single “Something About You,” released in April 2021. But Antoine wants you to know when it comes to a live performance; it’s an immersive experience that is truly a “Knight 2 Remember,” which is the title track off his latest CD. In 2017, Antoine opened for jazz music icon Boney James at the Gulf Coast Jazz Festival in Pensacola, Florida. Antoine found it fitting to release “A Knight 2 Remember”, which it was, and he received multiple encores from his hometown fans. Since the release of “A Knight 2 Remember”, Antoine has gone on a world tour playing tenor sax for the legendary “BB King All-Star Band,” based in Memphis. In the first year of joining the quintessential band, Antione traveled to Amsterdam, Portugal, the Caribbean, Sydney & Melbourne, Australia. In 2018 Antoine’s travels took him to France, Italy, Greece, and Spain. On his final leg of the tour in 2019, Antoine traveled to Singapore, Tokyo, Hong-Kong, and Beijing, China. This tour was a memorable experience that inspired him to return to the United States and start working on his new single called “Something About You.” Antoine was inspired on sax by the Motown sounds of Jr. Walker & the All-Stars from his aunt’s 8-Track tapes with his cousin. He continued his music listening to jazz giants like John Coltrane, David “Fat Head” Newton, Sonny Rollins, and Cannonball Adderley from his dad’s old vinyl records. Subsequently, Antoine Knight became a Florida A&M University distinguished military graduate, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. Antoine served over 20 years as a reserve officer, climbing the ranks to major. On his last command, Antoine retired as a Battalion Executive Officer at Fort Gillem, GA. When asked about his life experience’s involving his musical journey, Antoine states, “For me, I have been around the world, and “A Knight 2 Remember” is the musical journey of my life testimony that will never end. I’ve been battle-tested with mistakes, but I will always emerge stronger than ever at what lies ahead. It is my way of conveying my own experience through music.”
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Q:What is your internal experience when you feel REALLY connected to the music?
A:My internal experience when l feel REALLY connected to the music is when my audience erupts like having an orgasm on a live performance.






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