Built to outplay Theo's very best Vintage Otto Link. Theo succeeded!


Full, rich and fat traditional sound with a hint of edge!


Medium Roll-Over Baffle combined with our precision crafted True Large Chamber.


“The sound of the GAIA is everything I ever dreamed of. The playability is perfect! It reminds me on one of the really good Florida Links, which have this "Dexter-thing"? A lot of core, fat, and dark sounding. When I push it, I can play funky too; a very versatile piece. The GAIA projects very good, the sound-quality is great in all registers and with all dynamics. This is the thing!!! The GAIA is my personal choice, and will be what I play and record on from now on.” – Joerg Kaufmann (review)

“The GAIA is everything I have looked for in a piece. I have played on an early Babbitt Link for 30 years and the GAIA responds with less effort, the tone is more refined and clean, it has more punch and edge, and the intonation is more locked in and accurate than my Link. When I really lean on this piece, it really does bark! The altissimo, wow, much less effort! The notes up there really pop out with minimal effort. Theo's attention to detail is phenomenal! Everything is absolutely perfect and symmetrical. All the machining on the inside is flawless. I am stoked! For me, it's well worth the money and I am a [poor] full time musician, not a doctor or lawyer.” – Alastair Ingram (Alastair's sax lessons website)

“You haven't scored a home run with the New AMBIKA and GAIA, you've hit a grand slam! I am totally blown away by them. Both the new AMBIKA and the GAIA seriously kick! It's time I start selling off my quit large collection of mouthpieces.” - Doug Moffet