Large chamber saxophone mouthpieces were primarily made from 1890 until the early 1940's. They give a very fat and warm sound; though often lack in the projection many modern players desire. Here is a sampling of many of the best large chamber mouthpieces that have been made:

Large Chamber1


Buescher Considered the very best large chamber mouthpiece ever made (along with the slant Link). These can be opened to play really well. The way to go for a large tip opening large chamber mouthpiece.
Buescher with Logo Identical to the Buescher above. The Buescher came with several different logos: Blank, just with a Bb on the back (Some say C, these are C Soprano mouthpieces), and the Full Buescher Logo with or without the Bb. All are the same blank however and play identically - Except for the C soprano piece that actually has a smaller chamber.
Sigard Rascher The Buescher on steroids. More pronounced shank, and an even larger chamber than the standard Buescher.
King Hard Rubber Equa True Says Equa Tru King "B" on the body.
Large Chamber2


King B Marked 'King B' on the shank. No markings on body.
York A stencil Buescher marked York.
H. Selmer The only large chamber hard rubber model Selmer Made. These are the predecessor to the small round chamber Soloist with the oval stamp on the table. A few were also made in metal. Marked 'H. Selmer' on the back.
Geo M Bundy Signature While not a true large chamber, it does have scooped out inner side walls like the large chamber pieces, but retains the small round chamber of the Selmer Soloist mouthpieces.

Large Chamber3


Brilhart 'Hard Rubber' Very rare mouthpiece that may actually be the best playing of ALL large chambers. So few of these were made though, that they are almost impossible to find.
Conn Red A rare clear (see through) red Conn mouthpiece. These actually play very well.
Woodwind Co. A relatively unknown mouthpiece that gives the Buescher a run for its money. These can be really good mouthpieces!
Otto Link Master Link Identical to the Otto Link Master Link metal mouthpieces for alto and tenor. The only good metal large chamber soprano mouthpiece we have found.
Otto Link Slant Signature The Florida rubber Otto Link soprano mouthpiece. Otto Link's large chamber hard rubber mouthpiece. The later ones had USA written on the shank, though are identical in every other way. These, while great mouthpieces, tended to have very bad facings on them. Once refaced though, these (along with the Buescher) are THE large chamber mouthpiece to have.