The symbol on the bite-plate of Wanne, Inc. mouthpieces is called the H-om symbol. H-om is a hyphenated Heart and Om. The H-om symbol consists of a heart symbol connected and intertwined with an om symbol. Love and peace are one. 

H Om "For many years I have felt sneaky. There is a heart inside almost every Custom Link saxophone mouthpiece I ever made. Custom Links were standard Otto Link metal mouthpieces that, among other things, I added an epoxy/brass baffle to. To get an epoxy baffle to stick to the floor of a mouthpiece, some sort of texturing is needed on the floor. The texture increases surface contact and adhesion. This is why I put a heart on the floor of the tenor saxophone mouthpiece Custom Links. I felt sneaky because I never told anyone about it, until now. It was my little way of spreading the love. The H-om symbol was formed in collaboration with my brother/business partner, my spiritual teacher Delphi-Amritam, and my marketing/web team. It is the child of many beautiful people and we feel it carries beauty, magic, and power. The heart once hidden under the baffle of my Custom Link mouthpieces has now evolved and become visible...just like my own. "
-Theo Wanne