Theo Wanne makes the highest quality and most innovative saxophone mouthpieces and accessories in the world, bar none!

Theo Wanne is a collaboration of skills shared between the brothers Theo and Tom Wanne. Theo is the eminent world expert on saxophone mouthpieces, brings decades of experience in the industry and is legendary for his work with the highest caliber pros around the world. Tom brings his background in business, software, physics and computer science. Together they are revolutionizing the manufacturing, design, and business of saxophone mouthpieces.

The company has grown very quickly since their first product launched in 2007. Theo Wanne now makes over 30 models of mouthpieces,  leveraging its partnership and integration with one of the best machine shops in the world, ProCNC.
Team Theotom

Now with 10 employees and state-of-the-art equipment, Theo Wanne is setting an unprecedented pace for musical instrument innovation.

"Being the world's premier mouthpiece manufacturer we are attracting the world's top musicians, dealers, and distributors, and are now being approached by other mouthpiece companies looking for higher quality OEM product as well." - Tom Wanne.

Theo Wanne is the next evolutionary step in saxophone mouthpieces with five patents, precision True Large Chambers, sculpted interiors, rounded inner-side-walls, state-of- the-art ligatures, and many other innovations. The world's top musicians stand behind and endorse Theo Wanne products.

Keep an eye on Theo Wanne. We continue to push the envelope in new, revolutionary and innovative product development because we authentically want you to PLAY better, EXPRESS better, and truly SOUND better!!!!!

Join the Theo Wanne Revolution!

"May our products help you access and express your deepest brilliance & inspiration. May your brilliance & inspiration, in turn, spread to the rest of the world!" - Theo Wanne