Since Theo is only interested in creating the absolutely highest quality mouthpieces possible, this endeavor has taken some time. He is pushing the boundaries of technology with his new mouthpieces and has five patents pending. Theo personally oversees every detail in the new mouthpiece production in order to create the Rolls Royce of saxophone mouthpieces!Theo’s philosophy has always been to ‘learn as you go’. He provided the sound his customers were looking for by adjusting their mouthpiece in front of them. He absorbed their feedback, and adjusted their mouthpieces until their dream sound became reality. With many of the top saxophonists in the world as customers, Theo had an amazing opportunity to learn just what the musicians of today are looking for. Over time he found patterns in what musicians wanted and subsequently created custom models and CAD drawings of these designs. Those designs are now the cornerstone of the new mouthpieces being manufactured by Wanne, Inc.

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About the Team

The company has grown very quickly since their first product launched in 2007. Theo WanneClassic Mouthpieces now makes over 30 models of mouthpieces, leveraging its partnership and integration with one of the best machine shops in the world, ProCNC. Now with 10 employees and state-of-the-art equipment, Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces is setting an unprecedented pace for musical instrument innovation.

Charities We Support

Kaleshwar 3 "At Wanne Inc. we believe the most rewarding experience for a human being is one of selfless service to those in need. We are overjoyed to be supporting some of the most selfless organizations we have yet seen. The people involved with these charities are saints in our eyes as their lives are dedicated to the service of others." -Theo Wanne


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Innovative Patents

A testament of Theo Wanne ingenuity & innovative products... Patent Design

The H-Om Symbol

The H-om symbol consists of a heart symbol connected and intertwined with an om symbol. Love and peace are one... H Om

Innovative Accessories

INNOVATION: Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces makes the most innovative saxophone mouthpieces and accessories in the world. Our mouthpieces and accessories have raised the bar and set a new standard for quality and functionality. Driven by the woodwind genius of Theo Wanne, our company thrives on creating new innovations for the good of musicians across the globe. Accessories New 7 22 09